Bamboo Nappies And Wipes Review


Reviewed by Karen Hill

For any parents who are looking to reduce their use of disposable nappies but aren’t ready to switch to cloth nappies then I would highly recommend these nappies. They are soft, environmentally friendly and kind to your baby’s skin. They have won awards the last two years running – 2020 Best Performance Disposable Nappy Range and 2019 Made For Mums Gold Award – and it’s easy to see why when you start using them. The nappies are chlorine, fragrance, lotion and phthalates free which make them a perfect product for babies’ sensitive skin.

When I received my delivery, I was very excited. Being a Panda fan, I loved the panda design on the box. It is bright and eye-catching and all the packaging is recyclable! The one thing that did catch my eye on the packaging was the disposable method. It recommends that you ‘place used nappies in council provided or private nappy collections’. As I know my council does not offer nappy collections, I went to the website to do some further reading to find out if they have any other suggestions. Although these nappies are biodegradable, apart from side tabs, elasticated ruching around the legs and back panel, the best way to dispose of them is via a home hot compost system. Luckily my mother-in-law has one but she is the only person I know who does so it did make me question how many people would be able to dispose of them this way? You can still dispose of these in general waste as they will still biodegrade, just not as quick as home composting.

Having never used a bamboo product before I was expecting a similar feel to a standard disposable nappy but was surprised to find that they are actually very soft. Whilst using them I noticed a reduction in nappy rash and rather than all of the liquid being at the front of the nappy, like I find with the current brand I use, it seemed to be absorbed throughout in an even layer. We had no leaks (apart from 1 poo explosion but I doubt any nappy would have stood up to that test!) and baby seemed to be very comfortable in the nappies, even when they were full.

Although I plan to use cloth nappies, once my baby is big enough, I would still require disposable nappies in the interim as well as a nappy overnight once I do switch to cloth nappies. As these are environmentally friendly, I will certainly be making the switch from other supermarket leading brands. However, if I was solely using disposables, I would not have the budget to be able to use these 100% of the time until my baby was potty trained.

Cost is possibly a driving force for most parents’ decisions but don’t let this put you off. They do offer a ‘Subscribe & Save’ which offers a 20% discount and your nappies are delivered directly to your door. Having had to make a few mad dashes to the supermarket when I have realised, I am down to my last nappy I do love the sound of this and it’s really easy to change the frequency/nappy size/products etc. As well as offering packs of just nappies or wipes they also offer an All-In-One bundle which includes 6 x nappies, 6 x wipes and 4 x compostable nappy sacks. These bundles are part of the subscribe & save deal but they offer your first order for £49, saving you £11.80 compared to the subscription price.

Although these nappies are more expensive than disposables you are paying for quality not quantity. They’ve been a huge hit in this house and I plan to use them going forward with a mix of cloth nappies.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: From £9.50

This product can be purchased direct from the Mama Bamboo website here.

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