Balsamic Vinegar Review

Organic Wild Pomegranate Balsamic Vinger

Reviewed by Colin Rogers

Higher Nature organic wild pomegranate vinegar comes in a 250ml blue bottle so it's easy to notice if jam packed on a super market shelf. It's a handy size should you wish to pop it in a bag to take with you, and as the bottle is plastic there's not much chance of the bottle smashing if you drop it!! It has a screw lid which comes off easy but the wide opening once you have opened the lid makes it abit difficult to pour if you only wanted a little dash. The smell is quiet strong like any vinegar once it's open.

I tried this balsamic vinegar on a salad as a dressing which was quite tasteful. But it also suggests on the bottle that it's nice once added to water for a refreshing drink which I  myself didn't like the taste of, but would recommend it, for that little added taste to a boring salad.

Buy from Higher Nature here.

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