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Volume One

Following the success of Dramarama, Spooky, Network is delighted to announce the first ever DVD release of the acclaimed cult children's TV drama that the show went on to eerily spawn. Dramarama Volume 1: The Thames Television (Cert TBC) is available to own on 13th February 2012, RRP £19.99 in a 2-disc set. This set features performances from Gary Oldman, Peter Capaldi and David Jason plus an episode directed by Michael Winterbottom.

This first volume presents ten memorable screenplays from Thames Television, including the hugely popular Dodger, Bonzo and the Rest – developed into a series the following year – and the fantasy yarn Mr. Stabs, starring David Jason as the famously malevolent magician first seen in Ace of Wands. The episodes included in this set were originally broadcast on ITV between 1984 and 1987.

Dodger, Bonzo and the Rest:
When a children's home is threatened with closure, Dodger and his sister, Bonzo, decide to hold a jumble sale to help raise funds.

Starring Pam Ferris, Sophy McCallum, Lyndon Haynes, Jenny Jay, Cheryl Hall and Lee Ross

Colin Egan, a cub reporter, is sent on an apparently unexciting assignment. Events, however, are soon to take a dramatic turn…

Starring Bob Cartland, Manning Wilson, Nicholas Geake, Jill Greenacre and Michael Lee-Osborne

Mr. Stabs:
Mr. Stabs is summoned to the City of Shadows, where he must perform various heroic deeds in order to defeat the villainous Polandi, and ultimately face mortal, magical combat with Melchisedek.

Starring David Jason, David Rappaport, John Woodnutt, Patrick Malahide and Lorna Heilbron

Written by Trevor Preston

On Your Tod:
18-year-old Ben seems to have all the luck in the world. In reality, he is bored and lonely – and it takes a gate-crasher at one of his parties to force him to acknowledge his problems.

Starring Gary Oldman, Pat Keen, Oona Kirsch, Tony Caunter and Ben Cole

Written by Donald Churchill and Polly Churchill

Pig Ignorance:
A young offender is sent to local city farm.

Starring Dexter Fletcher, Elizabeth Mickery, Eamonn Walker, Sonya Saul and David Doyle

Jessie's Place:
Teenagers Jessie and Joe find they have much in common, in spite of their very different backgrounds.

Starring Dominique Barnes, Jeff Ward, Jim Dunk, Sheila Gill and Roger Fox

Frankie's Hat:
When Sonia visits her grown-up sister, Frankie, she expects to have a 'grown-up' outing. But her sister is determined to relive her childhood – to Sonia's acute embarrassment…

Starring Zoë Nathenson, Vicky Murdoch, Sharon Bower, Paul Beringer and Jake Wood

Disc Two

The Horrible Story:
Chris, Robert and Allan plan to camp out in the garden all night – but their courage is to be severely tested!

Starring James Green, Ben Felton, Michael Roques, Rosie Kerslake and Andy Rashleigh

My Friend Julie:
A musical in which two girls realise the consequences of their love for the same boy. Starring Julie Barwick, Gina Lander and Jay Simpson

Written by John Herriman, based on a stage production

Rosie the Great:
When the British Government decides to build an airbase Longsea, a remote island in the mid-Atlantic, the islanders fear it could harm the wildlife. Their fight against the plan seems hopeless – until they learn that the island is an independent country with its own monarch – 12-year-old Queen Rosie.

Starring Susan Jameson, Bill Wallis, Peter Capaldi, Steffan Morris and Catrin

Directed by Michael Winterbottom

Dramarama Volume 1: The Thames Television (Cert Tbc) is available from Network DVD
Release Date: 13th February 2012
RRP: £19.99
Discs: 2
Total Running Time: 400 mins (approx)
Screen Ratio: 1.33:1
Catalogue Number:  7953620

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