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Balance Trainer With Resistance Bands Review


Reviewed by Emma Brailsford

In my twenties I used to be a regular gym-goer but nowadays, with the exception of a few classes, I much prefer exercising in the comfort of my own home as I feel more relaxed and can fit a workout into the schedule of my day.  I have a few staple pieces of equipment – mats, a few weights, resistance bands etc. – but until this review, I did not own a balance trainer.  The question I am now asking myself is, why ever not!

The ’balance trainer’ from ‘core balance fitness’ is a wonderful multi-use piece of equipment and is perfect for the home environment.  The inflatable dome part of the balance trainer arrives deflated but, to make things simple, it does come complete with a pump and thankfully, it only takes a minute or two to inflate the balance trainer – the instructions state to fully inflate the dome, but not to exceed 8 inches in height.  To complete the set-up process, you clip the two resistance bands with toning tube handles onto each side of the base – it really couldn’t be any easier to set up!

Initially, I thought that the balance trainer was just for standing on and completing reps of exercises – how wrong I was!  After a little research on the ‘core balance fitness website’, I learnt that not only can the balance trainer be used both ways up (inflatable ball dome facing you or facing the ground), but that the trainer can also be used in multiple ways – some of which include kneeling on it to complete balance exercises, such as those used as part of Pilates or yoga classes, resting arms on it to complete mini planks and resting your legs on the edge when completing bicep curls using the resistance bands.  When I knew the multi-functionality of the balance trainer, I put it to use straight away.  My favourite exercises are those that challenge my core, and the balance trainer was fantastic for leg lunges and even sit ups and squats.  I really liked the addition of the resistance bands so that you can complete a whole-body workout in one day using the balance trainer or break up the week into ‘leg days’, ‘arm days’ etc, all using the trainer.

The balance trainer is reasonably large (the circular base is approximately 60 cm wide and the trainer is approximately 24cm tall) so storage is something to consider when choosing this piece of equipment.  However, it is a sturdy piece of equipment and could easily be stored in a garage or garden shed if needed or the dome could be deflated between uses and then the trainer could be pushed under a table or shelf.

For fitness loving families or individuals the ‘core balance fitness balance trainer’ would be the ideal addition to their home workout equipment and is certainly a resource which could be used by adults or teenagers alike.  It would make a great gift as it is a trainer that can be used daily in workouts and, in addition, even encourage family members to compete in fun balance competitions!  I will certainly continue using my balance trainer daily to strengthen my core and stability.

Rating: 5/5

Age: For all, but children should be supervised at all times.

RRP: £89.99 on sale for £59.99

This product can be purchased from ‘core balance fitness’ here:

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