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Rubber Alignment Yoga Mat Review


Reviewed by Emma Brailsford

After enjoying Pilates for a number of years, it has only been a year or so since I have begun practising yoga.  However, I have quickly fallen in love with the exercise and enjoy the health benefits of better posture, a calmer mentality and a stronger body.  If I am being honest, I have been using my foam Pilates mat to practise yoga on, so I was thrilled to receive the ‘rubber alignment yoga mat’ from ‘core balance fitness’ and use a professional piece of equipment fit for purpose.

The ’alignment yoga mat’ is made from natural rubber which is ‘stronger, grippier, and more environmentally friendly than the foam materials used on most exercise mats’ – something which I had not thought about before reviewing this mat, but it is pleasing to know that the company are thinking about sustainability.  It is a heavy mat (2.7kg when rolled up) but I liked the weight of the product as it felt secure when in use and added to the feel of a high-quality product. The yoga mat comes with an elastic strap so that it can be secured when rolled to store and the weight of the mat ensures that it remains in the position you put it in– safe to say, it’s not going to roll away if disturbed!

The yoga mat arrived wrapped in tissue paper inside a box which contained a paper leaflet detailing instructions for the mat’s use, warnings as well as care and maintenance tips.  The leaflet also contained a labelled diagram showing how the markings on the mat e.g. centre point, central vertical line and reverse points can help you stay balanced, as well as where to position your hands and heels.

On unrolling the mat, you can feel the slightly shiny coating.  This PU coating uses ‘exclusive CoreGripTM technology’ which enables you to hold poses accurately and for the desired length of time without the worry of slipping and injuring yourself.  There are markings on the yoga mat to help you with your alignment when flowing into different poses and, as a relative novice, I found these markings exceptionally useful and they also gave me confidence to challenge myself a little more each time I used the mat.

The yoga mat measures 183 cm x 68 cm when flat, and I found that this large space (apparently ‘7cm wider than a standard yoga mat’) enabled me to flow from position to position comfortably without having to step outside of the space.  The mat comes in a range of four colours, and I would be pleased with any of the colours as they are calming but cheerful, without being garish.

I would recommend this ‘rubber alignment yoga mat’ from ‘core balance fitness’ for any true yogi or anyone entering on their journey into yoga as it feels like a quality mat which will last for many years, and it allows you to focus on your technique and poses whilst remaining calm and focused; I certainly will not be going back to using a foam mat when I am practising yoga!

Rating: 5/5

Age: For all, but children should be supervised at all times.

RRP: £59.99 on sale for £37.99

This product can be purchased from ‘core balance fitness’ here

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