Baked By Steph Festive Macarons Review


Reviewed by Melody

With Christmas just around the corner it’s such a busy time of year. My thoughts are occupied with checking that I’ve got presents for everyone who needs one and also trying to decide what food I need to order for the big day itself.

This year we have several friends who we won’t be seeing in person so having a gift that can be easily posted is really important. I’m always looking for inspiration for new and exciting ideas so I was really pleased to be asked to review a box of Festive Macarons from Baked by Steph.

Baked by Steph is a bakery in East London which was started by Stephanie Giordano in 2018. Steph and her team of baking creatives make and ship cookies and other edible delights across the UK. All of the products are handmade and unique and from a quick look at the website look absolutely amazing!

There is a whole section dedicated to Christmas which is where the Festive Macarons can be purchased along with lots of other festive specials. There is a range of shipping options available to ensure that the product arrives in time (important note, macarons can’t be delivered on Mondays). My macarons were dispatched by standard tracked postage and I was delighted when the postman rang the doorbell the very next day!

The macarons were delivered in a plain outer cardboard box, with a pink sticker on warning the postman that the contents were fragile so hopefully he took notice. I was slightly concerned that I needed to turn the package upside down to tear it open, but I needn’t have worried as the macarons were very securely packaged and had arrived in perfect condition as promised.

I couldn’t wait to open the box and take a peek. The box of macarons came in a bright and cheery festive sleeve saying “let’s get merry” and the box itself was pink and slid open to reveal the tray of macarons, and oh my goodness they looked amazing!

There were 12 macarons in total, two each of six flavours and they were so pretty to look at, I couldn’t wait to try them out although they were so exquisite it did seem a shame to eat them!

The flavours inside the box were:

Apple Pie
Christmas Cracker (or raspberry sherbert flavour)
Mince Pie
Frozen Vanilla – (named after the film, rather than because it was frozen, as that would be tricky to post!)
Chocolate Orange

Unfortunately, as I reluctantly had to share the macarons with my family I didn’t taste all of them, but the gingerbread, Christmas cracker and mince pie were absolutely divine (if pushed I’d say that gingerbread was my favourite and I loved the cute mini gingerbread men on them). My sons assured me that apple pie, frozen vanilla and chocolate orange were equally as delicious.

The macarons are guaranteed to last for a week and need to be kept in the fridge, so there is still plenty of time to order these in time for Christmas. The packaging is also completely recyclable which is a bonus.

These festive macarons are amazing, they would make a lovely Christmas gift for friends or family, or even for yourself. They’re not cheap, retailing at £26 for the box which is about £2.16 each, but they are so worth it for a special treat! And if you happen to be reading this after Christmas, you can order a box of Steph’s signature macarons for the same price at any time of the year, and they look just as good.

I will definitely be checking out Steph’s bakery in the future when I’m looking for gift inspiration.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £26 plus postage

This product can be purchased from Steph’s Bakes here.

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