BabyToLove Baby Meal Set Review

Reviewed by Deborah Banasko

This meal set is such a lovely design. I received the Blue Whale set (also available in pink), although I’m not sure that a baby would recognise it as an upside down animal; I think the cute design is more for the parent! The polar bear spoon and penguin fork are white with a small amount of blue, again quite plain and simple which I liked. This was possibly intentional so that baby can perhaps see the food and not focus on the cutlery. The majority of my spoons and bowls are quite brightly coloured and I’m now questioning why, as it has to be distracting for a baby when you just want them to eat.

I hadn’t realised how huge my current baby bowls for my 1 year old were until this meal set arrived. This bowl is “baby sized” and perfect for tiny hands. It is quite deep for my hungry baby to fill, but also great to prevent spills if you preferred to fill it with small portions at a time.

There’s a fab little handle to help baby steady the bowl whilst he uses the spoon, and once I’d shown my baby this he seemed to get the idea that he could hold onto it. He also liked to pick it up and show me how clever he is, then bang the bowl down. I’m hoping he gets bored of this, but I think it’s all part of learning to feed himself. A handle is a fab idea and I think it will help move self-feeding along.

I wasn’t sure why the bowl had two adjacent dips or “fins” as the company call them, but apparently these can be used to help the baby drink from the bowl. I’m not sure that this is something that I would personally use or encourage, but it’s another method to try if your baby is being a little difficult.

The spoon and fork are made perfectly for little people, with a divider ridge just at the right depth for small hands to grip onto. It also acted as a guard so that his hands didn’t become covered in food. The bear and penguin handles meant that my little one had a good grip and I especially liked this as he’s always dropping his cutlery. Sadly, he can still throw them across the room!

The fork was rounded for comfort too, which is much gentler on sore gums too!

What I did feel was lacking, was some sort of grip at the base of the bowl. It was so smooth that my baby was able to easily slide it across his high-chair tray, so it just needed some sort of resistance.

The price of £15 for the set was a little more than I’d usually pay. However, my supermarket bowls are huge, shallow, have no handle and any animal motif inside the bowl seems to bubble after a few weeks of use. I would hope that this set is more durable for the long-term, so with that in mind the price feels more reasonable. It comes in a lovely box so this would actually make a great “new baby” gift, especially for a mum of three like myself who has everything (but not one of these sets until now).

I loved that the design and paler colours, the size of the bowl and the easy handling of the cutlery. I just wish there was a bit more grip to the base.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £14.95

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