54 Celsius Secret Message Candle Review


Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

I do enjoy a lovely candle – but who doesn’t! My whole family is partial to a pretty candle flickering away on the mantelpiece of a night-time, casting a calm glow over the room. 54 Celsius, who are based in Massachusetts, have produced a cute little gift candle in a presentation box that you can give to that special someone, with a hidden little twist… once the wax has burned away the recipient sees a secret message, printed on the bottom of the holder! As the wax melts, it becomes translucent and the message can be read.

The candle I received had the message “you light every room” hidden inside it, which is a lovely sentiment and would certainly brighten up anyone’s day, particularly if they weren’t expecting to read that. The candle came in a small and sturdy box, in muted pastel tones, inviting me to “burn to reveal the message” and announcing that it was a secret message candle. The box opens easily by sliding to the side, and the porcelain candle holder slips out of the hole so that it can be placed on a normal surface. The holder of the candle I received is approx. 2.5 inches in diameter and approx. 1.5 inches high. The wick is a decent size meaning you get a nice large flame that doesn’t accidently flicker out. The wax is vegetable so should be suitable for vegans/vegetarians. The candle isn’t scented, so is to be enjoyed purely for the visual effect.        

54 Celsius’s website advertises 8 different secret message candles. Most of these have a candle related theme, such as “you light my fire” or “happy house warming”. When you hover over the picture it shows you what the inside of the box looks like, which is really helpful when purchasing over the internet, as I like to do. Each candle comes with a removable sticker on the side so you as the buyer can check the message, then you remove it prior to gifting the candle. You can even choose to have the sticker removed before you purchase it if you are sending the candle direct to the recipient as a gift. And as an added bonus, the sticker really is removable! It came off first try and didn’t leave a horrible residue.

The website says to allow 1-2 hours or a the length of a nice dinner for the wax to melt enough to read the message, meaning that you could gift this to your significant other over dinner and add a lovely surprise at the end when the message is revealed to them. Having burnt this candle, 1-2 hours is about right to reveal the secret message.

Each candle is £9.99 which is a good price for this gift, and something I would happily pay. I would recommend these candles from 54 Celsius to anyone looking for a practical but unusual gift. The candle was well presented and would be well received by anyone who like a nice candle!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from www.54celsius.com.

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