Babysense 7 And Video Baby Monitor V24R, Review


Reviewed by Alexander Wilde

With their previous baby monitor having not withstood the test of time following their first child, I was excited when I was offered the opportunity to review the Babysense 7 Baby Movement Monitor and Video Baby Monitor V24R for my sister’s second child.

Following testing, my sister shared the following:

The product arrived in neat compact packing, which I was grateful for as storage is limited with the many baby products we have accumulated and is ideal for packing away for use in the future when we no longer need to use it.

I first set up the video baby monitor and parent unit, following a quick flick through the instructions and charging of the parent unit I was ready to test the monitor out. The camera needs to be placed at least 5 feet away from the baby’s crib. This wasn’t an issue whilst the baby is sleeping in our room, however it may be more difficult to find an ideal position when they move to a smaller nursery; yet given that the camera can be wall mounted this should allow us to set it up at the required distance. The camera is mounted on a sturdy base and has a large range of movement, so you can get the prefect angle of your little one sleeping. A useful addition would have been for the camera to have been rechargeable enabling it to be easily moved around the house should the baby be sleeping away from their crib, but with it being so small and lightweight it is still easily re-located if needed.

I was impressed with the quality of picture the camera provided to the parent unit, showing clear colour images in a light room and quickly adjusting to black and white images when in night mode. There is a small light on the camera which can quickly be turned on via the parent unit which was extremely helpful for providing a small amount of light for those middle of the night checks when you don’t want to turn a lamp on! My husband and I had a test of the talk back option which allows you to talk to baby through the camera, the sound was perfectly clear into the baby’s room which I have no doubt will be a valuable addition when needed to offer a bit of reassurance should the baby need it when we are no longer sleeping in the same room. There is also a temperature sensor on the camera which displays the room temperature on the parent unit, I found this to be accurate when compared to our heating monitor.

The parent unit automatically pairs with the camera when turned on and there is the option to add and view additional cameras from the one unit if you wish to have cameras in multiple rooms. The unit is rechargeable and with the size being smaller than my mobile phone it makes it perfect for putting in my pocket and taking around the house with me, the range is great and I have not experienced any issues with connection. There is also a small pop out stand on the back of the unit so it can be stood upright for when left in one place.

The buttons on the unit are self-explanatory and didn’t require much figuring out as to what they all did. I really like that there is the option to play lullabies and white noise through the camera via the unit. I found the lullabies soothing however the white noise option was a little unpleasant for me. The eco mode can be set so that the monitor goes into standby mode and the display screen goes off until it picks up sound from the camera, you can set the sensitivity to pick up varying degrees of noise, this will be ideal for night time when we don’t want the unit constantly on display and also allows me to switch-off from looking at a monitor, although confidently knowing the display will come on should the baby become unsettled. In addition to these features there is a zoom option and adjustable volume/brightness levels. Overall, I am extremely impressed with the quality of images and the functions of the camera and parent unit, especially for such a small compact piece of equipment.

Next up was setting up the Babysense 7 baby movement monitor, the instructions were clear and it didn’t take much time at all to get this in place. We did have to move the sensor pad around a couple of times to find the correct positioning in the crib and make sure that it was underneath where the baby lies. I was initially concerned about the cords, however after taking the time to make sure any excess was pulled back and secured with the cable ties provided I felt comfortable that there was no chance of the baby coming in contact with them. The control unit was easily attached to the holder and in position, there is an optional hanging hook should the design of your crib not be compatible with the holder.

The control unit clearly indicates when the monitor is on and breathing and movement are detected, the alarm is easily heard when it goes off and I wouldn’t be concerned about sleeping through it. We have had a couple of false activations where the alarm has sounded when not needed, however this is designed to be a sensitive device and would not be able to serve its purpose if wasn’t. So I will take a couple of false alarms given the peace of mind it provides overall.

The large range of features, combined with its durability and modern design make it a must buy for the sleep-safety conscious family home.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

RRP: £139.99

For additional Information on their range of products, visit the Babysense Website here.

This product can be purchased from Amazon here.

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