Baby Weaning: What Foods and When?


It has been a while since I have needed to do any weaning with my boys. But I remember thinking each time, what should you give them and when? There seems to be some changing information about when our babies should or shouldn’t have certain foods. Some sources say that you should wait for a while for foods that could cause allergies. Others say to introduce them as soon as you can. So, what is the answer? Here are some of my hints and tips when your baby is ready for weaning.

So, what should you offer first? To start with, the majority of their food will still come from you if you’re nursing, or from formula. But start with a few different flavours and textures. The best things to go for are things like carrot, potato, sweet potato, banana or apple. If you decide to spoon feed, then it is a good idea to steam and then puree the fruit and veg. If you decide to go down the baby led weaning route, slicing and steaming the vegetables is the way to go. Then they can hold them and nibble on them. Things like bananas will be fine as they are. You could steam apple slices, though. Just to make them a little softer.

From around six months, when they have already had a few first tastes, you can move on to a wider range of baby foods. Introducing some meat or fish is a good idea. Just make sure that it is cooked through and finely chopped. You could try your baby with something like scrambled egg, fingers of bread, yogurts, and pasta. They could try hummus, avocado, broccoli and rice, for example too. When they are a little older, around seven or eight months, things that are easy for them to grab and a little thicker will be fine. You could try them with toast, boiled egg, cubes of cheese or rice cakes.

From there, you can just start to give them meals as you normally would. They could eat family meals along with you, having things like cottage pie, noodles, or lasagna, for example. Around one year, is when most experts recommend introducing something like nut butter or crushed nuts. Given little one’s whole nuts is a bit of a choking hazard. But you could introduce them to things like cashews, as they are a little softer. Just chop them up, and it could be a snack for them.

I think the things to look out for are any discomfort after eating or swelling. If they seem to be in pain, don’t want to eat any more or start to get a swollen face, then it might be an allergy. The best advice is to not introduce lots of new flavours all at the same time. Then, if they do have a reaction, it will make it easier to pinpoint what the allergy was from. Just embrace the mess and don’t worry about it. You baby will be eating normal meals with you in no time.

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