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BabyBornDeluxeWinterSet1Baby Born
Deluxe Winter Set

Reviewed by Keith Ashworth

I was so very excited to be asked to review a Baby Born Deluxe Winter Outfit with my six year old, doll mad, granddaughter. My granddaughter has several dolls, and one of her newest dolls, and a current favourite, is her Interactive Baby Born doll.

Abigail loves changing, dressing and re-dressing her dolls so they have just the right outfit for every occasion. With the current cold snap we’ve been experiencing, her dolls have been leaving the house wrapped in blankets so they didn’t get cold. This lovely winter, fleece lined snow suit, complete with sunglasses, seemed to be the perfect solution.

It comes attractively packaged in a slim box with a clear plastic window, and I think it makes a great and attractive gift. The snow suit is a pale pink colour, with patterns printed in different shades of pink. It has a hood with a peak, enclosed feet and open ended sleeves. The snowsuit is lined with a very soft bright pink fleecy material.

The quality of this item is excellent. It fits Baby Born perfectly, along with a couple of other similar sized dolls that my granddaughter owns. The front of the outfit opens with Velcro, making it easy for children of all ages to manage taking it on and off their dolls with minimal adult assistance.

The hood fits really well over the doll’s head, and we thought the little peak was a lovely touch. The stitching on the outfit is done to a really high standard, the whole item feels really well made. We also loved the pair of sunglasses that come with it; perfect for dealing with the low, winter sun whilst she is in the car or in case of an impromptu skiing trip.


The only comment I would make is that whilst I’m sure this will wash well, owing to the quality of the materials, there doesn’t seem to be any washing instructions printed on the label.

This is a really great item, and my granddaughter is delighted with it. I think it’s pretty reasonable value for money, as items like this always seem to be inordinately expensive for what they are. Had it been priced at around £12, I would have given it 5/5, but at the RRP of £19.99, I think 4/5 is fairer.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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