Avenue Q at the Grove Theatre Dunstable Review

6-11 May 2019

Reviewed by Sandra McGhee

Last night myself and guest had no idea what was in store with regards to our entertainment value upon taking our seats in Row F at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable. We didn’t expect we would be laughing out loud so much and at times were in total shock with some of the humour and bad behaviour! You have got to go and watch to understand what I’m talking about! 

Avenue Q is not for the faint-hearted and I would warn some very explicit rude scenes. The show first opened off-Broadway in 2003 before moving to Broadway and later that year won three Tony Awards. I can totally relate to why it’s mentioned as one of the Best Musicals of the Decade. 

Guaranteed non-stop laughter. Avenue Q is a musical comedy featuring puppets and actors. Very creative, cleverly collaborated show, featuring some very crude acts, songs and hilarious jokes some vulgar and very talented puppeteers. The highlight of the show is puppet sex, the whole audience was in hysterics.

The storyline is based on some neighbours who are loveable characters living in downtown New York (Avenue Q) covering modern life’s every day issues and is based around a young college graduate who struggles to find his purpose in life. The script from start to finish has so much enthusiasm and mischief in both acts that will have you gripping to your seats! Some great scenes set and lighting and colourful costumes.

The cast included Cecily Redman who played 2 parts, Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut, very powerful singing voice and pulled off her parts extremely well. I would imagine a lot of time was involved in choreographing and directing this show and it was obvious everyone had worked very hard in rehearsals. Very clever.

Recommended for a group of friends that want something totally different from a usual musical or show at their local theatre and to expect some naughtiness on the agenda. There were jaw-dropping scenes. It was obvious from the audience there were some real Avenue Q supporters.

The rest of the cast:

Lawrence Smith – Princeton / Rod
Tom Steedon – Nicky / Trekkie Monster / Bad Idea Bear
Megan Armstrong – Mrs T / Bad Idea Bear / 2nd Arm
Oliver Stanley – Brian
Saori Oda – Christmas Eve
Nicholas Mclean – Gary Coleman and not forgetting the Ensemble Jasmine Beel, Ellis Dakombre, Chloe Gentles and Robbie Noonan.

Warning not for under 16s.

Rating: 4/5

Tickets cost £35 (plus £1 transaction fee).

Avenue Q is at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable from 6-11 May 2019, for more information or to book tickets visit or call the box office on 01582 602080.

Grove Theatre, Grove Park, Court Drive, Dunstable, LU5 4GP | 01582 602080

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