Aurora Royal Hand Smocked Snow White Dress Review

AuroraRoyalSnowWhiteDressAurora Royal
Hand Smocked
Snow White Dress

Reviewed by Nicola Wilkinson

The Aurora Royal Hand Smocked Snow White Cotton Mix Dress from Good for Babies arrived lovely packaged. The postage bag was far from your original brown packaging but it was pale pink with white spots.

Inside the dress was in a very cute pale pink cotton bag with an embroidered butterfly on the outside. When I took the dress out of the bag I could see and feel the quality of the material. It was very soft, lightweight and felt very long lasting.

The dress is a lovely girly pink colour but of more of a traditional style dress rather than a modern style with a Peter Pan collar. It is double lined which gives the dress volume and helps hold the shape. The dress has the most gorgeous panel in the middle with hand embroidered Snow White, flowers and butterfly’s. The colours are quite bold which makes the picture clear and makes the dress unique. The white background of the panel enhances the white colour and white lace around the bottom of the dress and on the puffed sleeves there are 3 little rose buds. The label inside feels soft with clear washing instructions it also has two spare buttons for the buttons at the back of the dress. These buttons are of a medium side but smooth so my baby wouldn’t feel them when laying down. The dress comes is 3, 6, 12, 24 months and 3 years and I would say it is quite generous in size the top half is fitted with a flowing long skirt at the bottom, children are able to move and play easily while wearing it.


I would definitely recommend this dress, it is very cute and of a very high standard.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £28.70

Available to buy in sizes from 3 months to 3 years from Good for Babies here.


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