Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet Review


I was thrilled to be asked to review the aska maternity movement bracelet, I have a good friend in her second trimester and gifted the bracelet to her to enjoy in exchange for her feedback and experience.

When the bracelet arrived it was beautifully packaged in a rustic brown paper gift bag and inside was a round jewellery box, the bracelet sat on a moulded pad inside. The inner lid has a space provided to write babies name and DOB making the bracelet a wonderful keepsake gift.

There is a small instruction leaflet detailing how to use the bracelet to track babies movements throughout pregnancy. And suggesting if breastfeeding the bracelet can also be used after birth as a reminder for which side you fed off last.

The bracelet I received is made from smooth round pink beads with one pearl ‘starter bead’ their is a small stretchy hoop with a gold pendant attached that can be moved over the beads as you feel your babies movements, helping you to keep track of any changes in your babies movement pattern. The following feedback is from my pregnant friend who has been wearing this bracelet for a week.

‘I have loved wearing the aska maternity movement bracelet! I was already aware how important it was to track your babies movements and pay attention to changes in pattern but in all honesty I didn’t think my baby had a particular movement pattern until I began wearing this bracelet! Once I started using this daily and moved the hoop over the beads I quickly realised that normal for my baby was 8-10 episodes of movement in a day. I feel so much more confident now knowing that I would be able to identify if this changes and I won’t need to second guess myself as I have a clear record on my wrist!

The bracelet is so pretty it feels like a piece of jewellery I would normally wear and I love the idea of gifting it to my baby later in life. I have found the hoop was a little stiff to move over the beads at first but I loosened after the first day and I have been able to easily slide it over the beads as needed since then. I am planning to breastfeed so will use this as a feeding reminder too, such a simple idea but so practical.’

This bracelet made an excellent gift, I often buy pregnant friends a little gift at the start of their pregnancy and this will definitely be one I will but again. It’s so pretty and delicate but the practical
use makes it ingenious. It’s so important to understand what is a normal movement pattern for your baby and seek advice if that pattern changes. This bracelet really empowers women to have confidence in knowing that something has changed.

I think this is excellent value for money and I would happily purchase again.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £30.00

This product can be purchased here.

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