Go2 Essential Oil Inhalers Review


Reviewed by Hayley McLaren

I was so pleased to offered the opportunity to review the Go2 essential oil inhaler sticks, the product is right up my street as I have a keen interest in aromatherapy and really believe in the benefits that essential oils can bring.
Go2 kindly sent me 4 ‘flavours’ to try- Energy, Sleep, Focus and Calm. I have previously mainly used essential oils as a relaxation aid so I was particularly interested to explore the Focus and energy options and see what affect they had. The products came through the post in a lovely Go2 branded envelope and were individually boxed inside. The product itself is a small plastic inhaler tube inside a plastic screw on casing, it looks like a lipstick and fits neatly inside the smallest of pockets. On all packets it’s lists the essential oils used and that in these products they use only 100% natural essential oils which are carefully selected for purity and performance. There are clear guidelines about how to use the inhaler and a warning that they are not suitable for children under 6, pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a dr before use and they aren’t for internal use.
I have had the products for nearly a week now and have sampled them all several times so will go through each one by one.

Energy- this was the first I tried, the blend of oils used is eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass. The signature colour of the box and tube is red and Energy is printed clearly on the tube and box. The stick is designed to help support performance and I used mine for the first time whilst on a 10k walk. I found that using the energy inhaler cleared my breathing and gave me a renewed vigour. I was really struggling walking in hot muggy weather and this definitely gave me a boost and a cooling affect. I would use again without hesitation on a walk or workout and have also enjoyed using it first thing upon waking which helps me feel alert instantly.

Focus- Focus is a blend of Rosemary, peppermint and Lime. This is a fresh zesty scent and really surprised me with how much I love it. The packaging and tube are blue in colour. I have been using the focus inhaler whilst working from home. I often find that long hours on the phone or laptop leave me feeling a little ‘glazed over’ and the focus stick really helps me to stay alert and aware and brings me to the task at hand. This was a huge win for me and I will always want one handy when I’m working.

Calm- calm is a blend of cardamom, lavender, bergamot and sweet orange. These are some of my favourite scents and I expected to love it- I was right! The packaging is pale blue and the scent is divine. I have been using this when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed throughout the day and also before mediation sessions. This will definitely be in my permanent collection as it gives me an instant soothing feeling of relief. Absolutely beautiful.

Sleep- I have long been a fan of afew drops of lavender on the pillow case so I was really excited to try the sleep inhaler, the scent mix is lavender, red mandarin and frankincense and the packaging colour is lavender purple. The scent is gorgeous, lavender comes through the most but with subtle scents of the complimentary oils mingled in. I used this stick before bed and I think it helped me to fall asleep faster at night. Sometimes I can struggle to switch my brain off but this scent lingered and helped me to feel very mellow.

These inhaler sticks are very reasonably priced at £3.99 each and certainly value for money. I will be buying again and have already recommended to friends.

Rating: 5/5

RRP £3.99

These products can be purchased from The Go Brand here.

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