Arrietty Review


Reviewed by Catherine Briercliffe

Arrietty is an anime version of The Borrowers about little people who live under the floorboards who occasionally come up to the main house to “borrow” things.

I loved the Borrowers as a kid, both book and film, when I saw it was now in cartoon version I couldn’t resist.

It is almost identical to the Borrowers film, just a bit different in a few small ways. But still equally as good, it’s a feel good kind of movie.

This is a must see if you either like cartoons or the Borrowers film/book. I can’t say as I have watched the other Japanese films, but this one is truly brilliant. The anime is perfect, beautiful colour work, a pleasure to watch. I can’t wait to sit and watch it again with my nieces and nephews!

I watch quite a lot of films, especially animated ones, and can soon get bored half way through but this film had my eyes glued to the TV all the way till the end. I can’t wait to get myself some more just like this…

Over all I would say DO watch this if you are a lover of quality cartoon, it will bring out the child in you and your kids will love it.

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