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Aquabeads Disney Cars 3 Playset Review

Reviewed by Nia Lock

As a mother of two, I am always interested in trying new toys both for my own children and as gifts. We enjoy all sorts of craft activities but sometimes there can be a lot of preparation involved. The Aquabeads Disney Cars 3 Playset is the first Aquabeads toy we have tried and so we were keen to play with it as soon as it arrived. The box is covered in pictures of the Disney Cars characters and of the Aquabeads process and so there’s a lot to look at and get excited about. It’s marked at age 4+ and my child is 4. My 2-year-old did get involved for a while but this is definitely a toy suited to children older than 4, it isn’t even slightly babyish, which is great.

The plastic beads arrive in individual packets and just decanting them into the bead holder provided plenty of entertainment. There are four patterns included, although if you wanted to you could make any shape that fitted on the tray. The instructions included were in picture form and so they were nice and clear. The pattern was quickly selected and slotted into the back of the tray which has a bead sized grid of holes in it. To make your pattern you just arrange the beads on the grid following the colour pattern you can see underneath. It took about ten minutes for my four-year-old to finish putting the beads on and this was achieved without any spillages or fiddling and so it held her attention well. Once this is done you simply spray the design with tap water from the spray bottle, which is supplied. After ten minutes, you use the bed peeler tool to lift the design and turn it over, leaving it to dry again before attaching the two pieces of the car together. After an hour, the design is ready to be played with, it’s stays flexible and a little bit shiny. The children were very pleased with what they’d made because they’d done it themselves and the end result was a recognisable character.

The best thing about Aquabeads is that they’re quick to do and apart from the occasional dropped bead, there’s no mess.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £21.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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