Apple Jacks

by Louisa Bower

My hubby and I took our 3 children ages 4, 9 and 15 to Spooky World last year a few days before Halloween as we had heard it was great.

It is a bumpy ride down a dirt track and the car park was a field but had plenty of space to park.

We queued for about 20 minutes for our tickets as it was very busy but the entrance play spooky music and had staff dressed up which the kids loved.

We each had 5 tickets, one for each attraction.

The first was the haunted house….my youngest 2 were apprehensive about going in as it was pitch black and there were zombies and monsters hidden behind corners ready to jump out at you. My 15yr old stepson fell over in shock haha.

Our next stop was a huge maze, it took us about an hour to find our way out as we kept getting lost.

We went on the Haunted Hay ride which was a tractor with a cart on the back to sit in. This ride was amazing. We went through water and mud and had spiders, wolves and chainsaw weilding maniacs jumping out at us.

The park had a roller disco and a massive air cushion the kids could go on but these were not staffed much so they youngest was bashed about a bit as there were too many children on them.

I would suggest bringing a packed lunch as the queue for food was huge and thats not good when you have hungry children.

We all had a wonderful day and are going back again this year as they have added 2 new attractions.

Apple Jacks Adventure Park

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