AniMat Cool Gel Mat Review

AniMatCoolGelMatAniMat Cool Gel Mat

Reviewed by Lucy Ibbotson

The AniMat Cool Gel Mat arrived well packaged and labelled. Once I unwrapped it I found that the Cool Gel Mat is really big, and a perfect size for any dog to lay flat out across it to cool down. It contains a unique and innovative patented gel that doesn’t need activating to work. Your pet simply lays down on it and it’s activated. It’s perfect for use in the summer months, to help your dog’s temperature stay low – preventing heat-stroke, dehydration and stress.

We have used ours in the car on long journeys and in the house on warm days – both dogs love it and they do fight over it sometimes too, so it must be good. The puppy in particular likes to flake out on the mat after a particularly long walk so she can cool down and regain her mischievous energy.


The mat itself is pretty heavy duty but not thick, it’s very flexible and can be folded to fit where it’s needed. It’s non-toxic so if your dog enjoys chewing everything, you won’t have to worry about this mat. And the most useful thing about the mat is that it’s washable too so can be kept in tip top condition.

These mats come in a variety of sizes from small to XL and range in price from £14.99 (small) to £64.99 (XL). I’d recommend these cool mats for any dog / pet owner whose dog gets overheated whether at home or out and about. They’re compact enough to put in the boot of the car on journeys or keep at home by the back door.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £14.99 to £64.99

Available to buy from AnimAlarm here.


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