Ancienne Ambiance Signature Body Lotion Review

Reviewed by Gemma Ingham

Ancienne Ambiance is a successful London based boutique brand that specializes in creating luxurious products for body and home inspired by antiquity. Founded in 2004 the brand has expanded to offer perfume, body care, candles and home fragrances all created with a touch of fine fragrance.

I was lucky enough to be sent a bottle of their Signature Body Lotion, which came beautifully wrapped in layers of scented tissue paper, complete with a fabulously designed card containing details about the lotion and the company.

The Signature Body Lotion is presented in a 300ml transparent plastic bottle through which you can see the thick creamy lotion. The black and gold embossed labeling oozes luxury and the bottle would not look out of place on the shelf of an exclusive boutique hotel. The lotion is delivered by a pump, which personally I prefer as it’s not messy and is easy to use.

Upon use the lotion didn’t come out as thick as I expected, it was more of a milky texture. 2 pumps was more than enough to cover both arms, and it sank into my skin incredibly quickly. I’m not exaggerating when I say my skin literally felt like silk, I couldn’t stop touching it. I also rubbed the lotion into my 3-week-old tattoo that is in the final stages of healing, and any rough bits of skin disappeared leaving the colours vibrant and shining. The Signature Body Lotion hasn’t been recommended by Ancienne Ambiance for use on tattoos, and I don’t think I would have used it on my tattoo had it not been mostly healed, but I found it to be great as soothing the extra dry skin.

The fragrance of the lotion on contact with my skin was subtle but not too subtle. I’d describe it as a feminine, delicate, clean soap smell. It’s not a type of fragrance I would usually go for and I was worried I would find it cloying but it definitely isn’t. It’s the type of fragrance that others would notice in your wake as you walk past but it wouldn’t hang around. It reminds me of little individually wrapped soaps I’d get as gifts as a young child.

Ancienne Ambience products are not tested on animals, which is a must for me, and they are free from harmful chemicals and parabens. The packaging is also recyclable, so their products are fantastic for the environment.

The Signature Body Lotion would make a fabulous gift. I would certainly purchase it for myself but due to the expense would maybe only use it on special occasions.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £30

Available to buy from

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