All In by Jerry Yang Review

From Refugee Camp to Poker Champ


Reviewed by Sara Binstead

This book is all about Jerry Yang’s journey from an impoverished childhood as part of the Hmong to winning the biggest prize in poker.

It is a very well written book and a lot of care has been taken with it as you feel as if you were there.

This book as many different elements to it as you have history, adventure, bits that will make you cry, a happy ending and some advice on how to play poker better!

The only downside to the book that I found was that it jumped about a lot, I would have preferred it to have been in a more chronological order (but that might just be me!)

Overall, I really enjoyed it, and would recommend it, even if you are not interested in poker as there is enough in it to keep you gripped as Jerry Yang has led an amazing life.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £18.99 (Hardcover) / £4.99 (Kindle)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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