Aldi Feed Your Family Food Challenge Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

I have been doing this challenge now for a good few months and must say how enjoyable it is. I love to plan new and exciting meals and snacks to make my family whilst keeping within budget.

As I am a slimming world member a lot of my meals are slimming world friendly and I was delighted to discover Frylight being sold in my local Aldi for the bargain price of £1.49! Anyone who does slimming world will tell you just how much of a god send Frylight is.

This week’s meals have been a real mixed bag but have been enjoyed by everyone.

Our store cupboard weekly staples are eggs, pasta, meat, quark, fruit and veg etc with treats thrown in too.

Throughout the week my husband and children have cereals, chocolate chip brioche and toast for breakfast and packed lunches for school and work which is usually a sandwich, a packet of crisps, a box of raisins, some fresh fruit and a cheese snack.

This week however my husband has been taking tins of soup, curry, spaghetti etc to work as the weather is colder so he wanted a more substantial warm meal.

I used my menu planner to plan out the week’s evening meals and wrote a list of what was needed and found everything in Aldi which was a bonus!

Here’s what we had for evening meals this week…

Monday – Ham and mixed vegetable frittata with salad and stirfried vegetables.
Tuesday – Chicken and vegetable chow mein with slimming world homemade Spring rolls.
Wednesday – Curried chicken and vegetable soup.
Thursday – Bic Mac in a bowl with chips (slimming world recipe).
Friday – Tomato based pasta bake with added quark and baked peppers.
Saturday – Eggs baked in ham baskets with chips and stirfried vegetables.
Sunday – Roast turkey, roast potatoes, carrot, swede, sprouts and peas.

As you can see we had a good choice of healthy and filling meals which were devoured in no time by all.

As a treat on Sunday we enjoyed the Holly Lane Chocolate Cake which was mouth-watering and delicious!

As we eat around 6pm we do often get peckish at night and I usually end up with a big bowl of fat free yoghurt and fruit and the others tuck into slices of malt loaf or a benefit light bar to curb their hunger.

I have really enjoyed this week and cannot wait for the next.

Aldi is without a doubt the best place to feed your family in a budget.

Rating: 5/5

Why not visit your local Aldi this week and see if you can feed your family for £70 without compromising on quality. To find your nearest Aldi store visit


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