A Year Of You – A Seasonal Guide To Boosting Your Brilliance Book Review


Revieed by J Wright

This book is a tool to help the reader recognise and process what is going on for them along with helpful tips, thoughts and advice for practical steps to successfully embrace each day. And indeed each season.  From mindfulness; really paying attention to the self and what is happening right in that very moment to the conscious process of listing the issues which are affecting you on a day to day basis.

The process of identification is a really useful tool for anyone who is working on better knowing themselves or working on mental health or habitual behaviours and within this book you are prompted to identify issues which affect most of us at some point or another.
The book begins with Spring – that doesn’t mean you have to, it’s just where it’s placed. You could skip directly to Autumn or Winter and get started now.
In each section there are detailed images, such as mandalas for you to colour, each in harmony with the season. An opportunity for mindfulness again. Adult colouring is an often used idea in the 21st century to aid people to settle into mindful thinking and to fill the brain with something less stressful. This is the first time I’ve seen a book which combines the personal experience of writing, with colouring too.

There are quotes, from famous actors and vocalists to the more often quoted wise people and inspirational individuals. Even the architects of therapy such as Carl Rogers and my own favourite mental health guru; Brene Brown. And there are questions posed, little things to ponder on and really get to grips with your own thoughts and feelings. There’s space to make notes too, collating your own ideas in response to the prompts you read.

All in all the book covers the general widespread base of self care and self awareness; thoughts, feelings and wellbeing. There are spaces to help you to identify and set goals and looking at ways to begin de-stressing. And, another of my favourite concepts – celebrating your successes.
For anyone who might be struggling in this peculiar chapter of existence during the pandemic this could be a useful resource. It can’t fix your problems but it could really help you to get to grips with your thoughts about it all and often if you can really nail down the thoughts behind things you can often work toward solutions and greater understanding of self.
The publisher of the book, Trigger Publishing, is an altruistic and independent publishing house focused on producing books by trusted clinicians, bringing the reader the best in mental health reading. Their aim was that, to bring mental health into the fore, to offer advice and support to anyone who experiences such need.  They have a wonderful strap line; We want you to not just survive but thrive…. One book at a time.
Associated with their altruistic view they also have a sister organisation, Shaw Mind, a charity which aims to ensure everyone has access to mental health resources.

I like the book a lot, it’s a really lovely introduction to the first part of self-care and awareness. It could make an excellent gift for a loved one this Christmas or a perfect example of self love – gift it to yourself.

Rating: 5/5


A Year Of You is released on 5th November 2020 and you can buy it soon at Waterstones here  or at Amazon with a pre-order guarantee here.

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