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As New Report Reveals 9 In 10 Primary School Aged Children Are Not Meeting Their Exercise Needs


The new report found less than 10 per cent of primary aged children (5+ years) are meeting the Government guidelines of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day, and limited information to support parents on the required intensity or duration of bouts.

It also suggests parents should not assume organised team sports provide sufficient levels of physical activity, revealing that only 25 percent of time spent doing these sports is at the cardio level needed to strengthen muscle and bone, which is key to healthy ageing.

The #Find15 campaign is part of a new and exciting partnership between Start-Rite Shoes and The Daily Mile, supported by INEOS. It aims to improve children’s health, personal well-being and fitness while at home.

Founder of The Daily Mile, Elaine Wyllie MBE, said: “It can be hard for children to do enough physical activity at home. #Find15 makes it easy for parents to get their children active because it’s quick, everyone can do it.”

Kate Tansley, Start-Rite CEO added: “We are excited to be partnering with The Daily Mile. We know that children who are physically active reap mental health benefits, have been shown to be fitter and carry the benefits of physical activity into later life.”

About the campaign
#Find15 encourages all families to incorporate 15 minutes of self-paced physical activity (walking, jogging or running) into daily life, so all can experience the benefits of regular exercise together. By focusing on a 15 minute duration, rather than on the distance, it keeps the activity non-competitive, social, and inclusive – everyone can take part at their own pace, regardless of age, ability or personal circumstance. Join the campaign on social media using #Find15.

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