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Halloween Crafting With The Cricut Joy


Reviewed by Dot White

As a child I grew up in Lancashire and didn’t celebrate Halloween, instead we celebrated ‘Mischief Night on the 31st October’.  We did mischievous things like knocking on doors and running away, nothing really bad, and it wasn’t at all like the Trick or Treat of today.

Personally, not being a huge fan of Halloween, as I now have a Cricut Joy I decided to make some Window Cling shapes for my youngest granddaughter for Halloween.  I searched Cricut Design Space for some suitable designs to do this using the Cricut Joy.

The first design I found was for a black cat and a pumpkin with the words Happy Halloween.  With Window Cling the idea is to cut only the top layer of the vinyl, leaving the backing intact, then you need to weed out the superfluous bits then peel the design off the backing to stick on the window.  I had to cut the cat first, then the orange for the cat’s eyes plus the eyes for the pumpkin.  The eyes really should have been done in yellow, but as I had no yellow Window Cling I used orange.  I then found a design for pumpkins.  I cut three of these in Orange.  I couldn’t resist trying all of these on my own front door!

I wanted to do some more so I searched Design Space again.  This time I found a skull with orange eyes, some spiders’ webs and a spooky chandelier.  Once again, I needed to cut the main parts first in black, the skull, the chandelier and the spider’s web, the web needed lots of weeding!!  I then cut the orange eyes and nose for the skull plus the top & bottom of the chandelier in purple. 

I hope my granddaughter appreciates my efforts!

I decided for the first time ever that I would make a card for each of my granddaughters for Halloween.  I found a dark grey blank card in my Cricut pack of cards then selected a design from Design Space with a witch’s hat surrounded by sweets which said Happy Halloween.  I decided to use a Turquoise Metallic Marker pen I had bought specially for the Cricut Joy to draw the sweets.  First, I had to insert the pen, then swap the pen for the blade.  The Cricut Joy does all the hard work.  I slipped in a piece of black card as the insert to complete the card.

For the second card I chose a lighter grey card from the Cricut pack of cards and a Silver Metallic Marker pen, in Design Space I found a design with Spider’s Webs and a Bat.  Using the Silver Pen first the spider’s webs were drawn and the words Happy Halloween.  I then swapped the pen for the blade and the holes were cut in the card plus a bat.  I inserted a piece of turquoise card to complete it, unfortunately I didn’t have any spooky coloured card.

Halloween will be very different this year due to the pandemic and parent’s will be either celebrating Halloween at home with their children or venturing outside to spot the Pumpkin posters in their local area.  I gather the idea of this being each time they spot a pumpkin they receive a sweet from their parent rather than knocking on doors shouting ‘Trick or Treat.

I am looking forward to buying more colours of Window Cling to make Christmas Designs on my Cricut Joy.

Cricut products can be purchased from Hobbycraft here.

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