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emmakinseypsychicA Reading with
Emma Kinsey
Psychic Medium


Reviewed by Emma Rogers

I met Emma at a hotel in London one sunny afternoon in June. Although I had an appointment to meet her, I made sure that there was no information available about me other than my name and email address and it was her associate I spoke to. Going down to the cinema room of this swanky hotel, the room is set quietly away from anywhere else, with candles on the table and a stack of tarot cards on the table. The tarot cards aren’t the usual Death and Hangman, but friendlier symbols. Emma explained straightaway that she’s a psychic medium who can connect to people who come through from the other side, and can read your past, present and future depending on your energy and what comes through for you.

Emma started working straight away with someone from the spirit world who came through for me. Using his name and a few details from him, I was able to identify straightaway who was there, and as with any good medium, he had a message for me! Several people came through, and names which were linked to my family and my past. Emma went into some depth about my recent past, giving me details that she wouldn’t have been able to know, even if she had searched for me on the internet! There are several areas that I didn’t know about either – do I have low iron? Has a member of my family recently had an operation on their stomach? Is there a knee problem in another family member? Although I know someone in my family has had an operation, I don’t know where, so it’s up to me to find out how accurate that part of the reading is – and prove that there’s no way Emma could have known if I myself didn’t know! What more proof do you need than that?

What I liked about Emma was that she was able to provide details about people and situations in my life to help me decipher who the reading was from. Emma doesn’t waffle either, which is what some mediums do when they can’t get much information. Emma also gave me names and initials to help identify people and didn’t repeat herself with the same information. Her manner is very relaxed with a lot of concentration and works hard to get the right information to you from the right people, being able to read your energy as well. The 30 minute reading went by really quickly, so if you are getting a reading, make sure you record it or take a notepad with you!

I will definitely be visiting Emma again in the near future to both find out what else she can tell me, and tell her what she was accurate with!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

For more information and to book a session with psychic medium Emma Kinsey, please visit www.emmakinsey.com


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