A Playful Christmas with PetSafe Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Our Shih Tzu, Luna, is mine and my family’s world and we love to spoil her so we were very excited to be given the opportunity to receive and review 6 items from PetSafe!

PetSafe is a well-known brand in the dog world so we couldn’t wait to see which items Luna would be receiving. Before we knew it a box arrived packed full of fun looking toys that Luna would enjoy using.

Inside the box was the following:

Squeak ‘n Treat Ninja Star

The Squek ‘n Treak Ninja Star (RRP: from £7.99 to £13.99) is a black star-shaped squeaky toy with places to hide small treats to entertain and reward (chew Strength – Medium).

Luna, like most dogs, is very treat orientated and loves being rewarded with goodies. This toy enables Luna to use her senses and brain to try and work out how to release the treats from the toy. Very lightweight and bouncy, a good sturdy toy which will last a long time. We used very small dry food treats inside and they worked a ‘treat’!

Forever Bone

The Forever Bone Treat Ring Dog Toy (RRP: from £6.99 to £13.99) is a cream bone-shaped toy with treat holding cups which contained rawhide discs. (Chew strength – Hard).

As soon as I saw that rawhide was the treat included with this toy I took it away as rawhide isn’t easily digested by dogs and can make them very poorly. Luna became very poorly in August and we almost lost our beautiful girl so unfortunately, rawhide wasn’t something I was prepared to use. I instead opted for meaty chews which Luna adores and stuffed them into the treat holding caps and Luna enjoyed a good chew whilst attempting to release the treats. Available in 3 sizes S/M/L.


The Ribinator Treat-Holding Dog Toy (RRP: from £6.99 to £11.99) is a green and cream toy with spaces for treats (Chew Strength – Hard).

Luna adores this toy and we smeared dog-friendly peanut butter into the grooves and placed circular chomping sticks into the ends of this toy. 2 treats in one go, no wonder Luna seemed to favour this toy! Available in 3 sizes S/M/L

Grip ‘n Tug

The Grip ‘n Tug (RRP: £13.99) is a green and white tug toy with a plastic handle and handguard.

Luna LOVES tugs of war with her human Dad and I think he gets as much enjoyment from it as her. Luna being a Shih Tzu has a small mouth so finds larger tug toys difficult to grip on to so this was perfect! The long cords are soft but strong and the built-in handguard is genius! Luna prefers it minus the handguard but with a bigger dog, I can imagine it being a real hand and knuckle saver!

Jewel Pop Treat Ring Holding Dog Toy

The Jewel Pop Treat Ring Holding Dog Toy (RRP: from £3.99 to £11.99) is a grey and green ring-shaped toy with space for rawhide discs to be added.

This was Luna’s least favourite toy from the collection and even smearing peanut butter onto it didn’t seem to get her attention at all, unfortunately. The toy is well made and looks like it would last a long time with any size of dogs. Again, I didn’t use the rawhide provided due to personal choice.

Richochet Electronic Dog Toys

The Richochet Electronic Dog Toys (RRP: £34.99) are electronic, hard plastic squeaky toys which alternate between each toy.

This toy took Luna a little getting used to as she has never had a toy like this so she was a little shy around it. The toy is a great idea and designed to get your dog’s senses going. The battery-operated toys work with speaks and ricochet squeaking sounds off of one another. It took a few days but Luna soon found her confidence and enjoys these toys. They are well designed and perfect for pooches of any size.

Overall we are delighted with the toys received and Luna has some firm favourites which are cherished by her.

My only gripe would be the rawhide used as treats with these toys. Rawhide pose a choking and blockage risk to dogs of any size and is extremely hard for a dog to digest. Please rethink using rawhide as a treat. There are many other safe treats for our fur babies out there.

Other than that, Luna is one happy pup with lots to keep her occupied and her brain stimulated.

Many thanks for a grrrrrreat selection.

Rating: 4/5

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