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A Game Of Cat And Mouth Review


Reviewed by Linda Curtain

Looking for a new game to play with the family? This may be the idea you need. A Game of Cat and Mouth is a new game from the makers of the popular Exploding Kittens game.  Cat and Mouth is a great, fun, interactive game – certain to appeal to competitive youngsters. The aim is to shoot plastic missiles from magnetic cats paws through the central cat’s mouth opening to score points. Knock the teeth out for even more points!

The game is packed in a very sturdy, colourful box which becomes part of the playing area of the game. It also stores the game safely when not in use. By looking at the illustrations on the box, you immediately get the idea of what the game play will involve. I loved the eye-catching colours and drawings – certain to catch the attention of buyers seeking a new game.

On opening the box, you immediately see a sheet of clear printed instructions. The very clear wording and illustrations make this game very easy to construct and for play to commence. The game was very sturdy and the plastic central cat’s face slotted easily into the playing board. The eyes of the cat are actually scoring dials which enable you to keep a score tally as you play the game. Side and back pieces are supplied to slot around the board to minimise the distance that the shot ball rolls!

Within the bag of plastic balls supplied there are two black nose balls and five white teeth balls which are inserted into the face to enable you to score extra points if hit. Once the magnetic paws are in place, the score dials set to zero and four yellow balls given to each player, play can begin.

On a count of three, the boys could attempt to flick the ball from the paws through the mouth. The way the paw is able to be pulled back to shoot the ball yet still hold upright with the magnet was very impressive. With both boys being able to flick the balls as fast as they could at the same time, there was no waiting around. Excitement and competitiveness soon kicked in!

Points are scored by knocking the black eye balls, white teeth balls or yellow balls onto your opponents side of the board. Careful aiming and correct pressure to pull the paw back was the key to point scoring.
We did find that the balls tended to be launched across the room but as the game progressed,the boys realised that careful aiming was more important than fierce flicking!

After a point is scored, the game is reset and the first player to win five rounds is deemed the winner. This of course can be varied according to the age and abilities of the players – to start with the boys wanted to amass scores for each yellow ball that went through the mouth with extra points for knocking the teeth ones through and this seemed to work well.

I found this a great game, full of fun with a competitive edge. The recommended age of seven years seems about right although the younger grandchildren were keen to join in the fun. Obviously caution is needed with younger children due to the small ball missiles.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £18

This product can be purchased from the Exploding KIttens website here or from various other retail outlets.

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