Invisible Shield Glass Elite Visionguard+ Review


Reviewed by Deborah Banasko

The Invisible Shield Glass Elite Visionguard+ is a really fascinating review for me; it’s not a product that I have ever considered buying and I hoped it would be one of those items that you don’t realise you need until you try it.
You need to specify which phone you have when purchasing this item due to the differing sizes, and the one that I tried was for the iphone 11.

The product arrived promptly and well packaged so that the inner box was intact. The packaging looks professional with an almost health-care vibe, as this is something designed for a specific role so you do need a bit of “science” to grab your attention.

Inside the box are the vision guard (within a protective plastic sheath), a cleaning cloth, a dust removal sticker to lift fine dust after cleaning, and a small wet wipe. I have to say the cleaning tools were not expected; this product feels professional and these extras are very well considered and do give you confidence in the item. The Visionguard is well protected within the box, with a piece of rubber matting to hold it securely within the plastic inner packaging.

I have to admit I was a little nervous about setting this up in case I made a mistake! The instructions are step by step with diagrams, and are very clear. There is a video that you can watch but this wasn’t necessary for me. There is a very precise process involved in ensuring that the guard is applied correctly, involving a special frame called an EZ Apply Tray and a rubber mat to prevent your phone from moving. I loved these extra touches that allow you to get the best from the product as I did expect to have to just stick it onto my phone screen.

The EZ tray only fits in a particular orientation which the instructions fail to mention, but this isn’t a real issue. It took between 5 and 10 minutes in total. The final step is very important where you remove the guards protective layer. The layer is yellow and for about 5 seconds I thought I was stuck with a yellow tint to my screen!

Despite the frame and mat, and really taking my time, I did manage to create an air bubble between my screen and phone. However it was only really noticeable with the black screen once my phone was turned off and didn’t affect my use of the phone or bother me. One day later and it appeared to have worked itself out, so I’m pretty impressed as we all hate those children’s stickers for toys that have the permanent air bubble no matter what we do!

The guard wasn’t what I expected at all. I imagined a casing or thick cover but you don’t even notice it’s there as it is made from ultra-thin tempered glass. There is no affect on the functionality of my phone, how it feels or how I use it, and so far the adhesive seems incredibly strong. I do wonder what residue would remain should the guard come away, but based on several days of use I cannot see that happening.

There are several claims and promises on the box, coupled with a recommendation from the Vision Health Advisory Board, who after a quick Google search appear to be experts on the effects of blue light on the eyes and brain. Light with wavelengths between 400 and 490 nanometres form the majority of light from the LEDs in smartphones, and research has shown a link between eye damage and short-wave blue light with wavelengths between 415 and 455 nanometres. Continued exposure to blue light over time could damage retinal cells and cause other vision problems, and may contribute to eye cancer as well as other eye issues. This guard blocks the dangerous peak of blue light which is emitted from your device, yet maintains the colour quality. There is no affect on the colour or clarity of my screen whatsoever which was a great relief.

The Visionguard also protects from digital eye strain (dry, irritated eyes, blurred vision and sleep disruption) when it filters this harmful blue light. Like most people I have heard and ignored warnings about phones affecting our eyes, but now that I have actually read up a bit on this it is really worrying and you can appreciate the importance of this product. It is difficult to comment on the effectiveness of this feature personally after just a few days usage, but the science is there to support the claims made.

Other benefits of this guard are the preservation of your screen colour to prevent yellowing, scratch and shatter protection due to the tempered glass material (which is a huge bonus) and a clean, smudge-free screen. The latter is perfect for any parent or grandparent as children are obsessed with phones!

Finally there is built-in and built-to-last anti-microbial technology to kill 99.9% of surface bacteria on the screen protector.

This is a very tricky review to judge as how can you determine whether this product has prevented eye damage? The science does appear to be justified and the endorsement of a trusted eye health advisory board alleviates any doubts for me. The price point of £29.99 for the science and research behind a product like this, as well as the quality and attention to detail, feels like a small price to pay. It gives peace of mind and I would be happy to pay that for the potential benefits gained. This would make a unique Fathers’ Day gift at this price; I never have a clue what to buy my Dad or husband, and most men love their phones. It is both a practical and “gadgety” gift which is likely to prompt a bit of internet research and discussion too.

After doing this review my children certainly won’t be allowed a phone in the future without a Visionguard. Even now there are times when they watch a cartoon on my husbands phone and it’s making me feel that Fathers’ Day would be a good opportunity to purchase another.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

This product can be purchased from Zagg UK here.

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