4 Ways To Redo a Small Bathroom Fast and Efficiently

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Remodelling a small bathroom is an exciting project to get your hands on. At the same time, it is a demanding project, regardless of the bathroom size, since you will be requiring the help of the same professionals. That’s because most of the elements in a small bath are the same as those in a room with bigger square footage. However, there are indeed ways to make this revamping job less costly and a bit quicker.

Tip #1: Be realistic in your planning

Each bathroom type has different needs. For example, a half-bath that only has the bare essentials (see a toilet and sink) and a limited number of fixtures can be remodelled much faster than a full bath that has a wide range of amenities; hence calls for more attention when choosing the materials and accessories for it. Plus, you don’t need to rush things with a half-bath redo since it usually serves as a second bath – this means you already have a fully functional bathroom to serve your needs.

The guest bathroom, on the other hand, which gets occasional use allows for economy choices, as opposed to a master bathroom that calls for quality, attractive, and durable materials and fixtures. Recognising the type of bathroom you want to remodel will help you clear some vital things out.

Tip #2: Consider who will be using the bathroom

Storage is an important consideration when planning a bathroom redo. So, if you will be using your small bath as a master bathroom (therefore, for every need, from applying makeup to having a bath), you will definitely want lots of storage cabinets and probably great quality materials.

Good storage is also essential if it is a bath for the little ones. In this case, though, you will also have to make sure it has a bathtub that will endure decades of use. Steel tubs such as these from bathdisc.co.uk are an excellent and cost-effective option as they are incredibly sturdy and strong, and will look like new for many years to come. The flooring is another key consideration for a kids’ bathroom; it has to be waterproof.

If you are remodelling a bathroom that will be used by disabled or elderly people, you will probably need special features, such as no-slip flooring, lower counters, and grab bars.

Finally, a guest bath needs nothing more than a toilet, sink, and towel bar – and, they don’t even have to be top quality; no storage is necessary.

Tip #3: Do some research your own

When it comes to selecting and purchasing the materials you will need, you can save a lot of money if you do your own research. If you search local retailers and/or online sources, you will undoubtedly find discounted materials (i.e., from retailers that are closing out their past product lines). Or you could turn to a contractor who will provide you with a plethora of options, as long as you are okay with paying some markup on those fixtures and materials.

Note that if you decide to work with a general contractor, ensure you have clarified who will be installing the products you choose – some contractors do so themselves while others work with certain suppliers.

Tip #4: Hire your own subcontractors

If you have the time and moderate to advanced DIY skills, you can certainly do everything (or most of the work) yourself. However, if your DIY skills are not that competent, you may want to get the job done correctly and professionally by a general contractor. There is also the case where you can work with a contractor that will allow you to work on the projects that you feel comfortable with handling yourself (i.e., painting or installing the tile floor). That way, you save labour costs.

If you do hire a general contractor, though, remember that you will pay some extra money for their expertise, which includes coordinating the project with electricians, plumbers, and other subcontractors. But, if you search for the subcontractors you will need yourself (and can supervise them as they work), you reduce the overhead and time of the general contractor; hence, cut on expenses quite a bit.

Extra Notes:

  • Getting your materials and fixtures beforehand will make your bathroom redo job way faster and easier, as long as you have some place to store them of course.
  • Using a corner sink is a fantastic space-saving solution.
  • Tight spaces that have vanities with sharp corners can be dangerous, especially if you will be having children using the bathroom. Better opt for pieces with rounded edges instead.
  • Large-scale patterns and mirrors help make the room feel larger.
  • You could consider having an entire wall behind the vanity occupied by a mirror. This will not only create the illusion of space but also enable two people using it at the same time.
  • Wall-mounted faucets help free up space in a miniature bath as they allow for a smaller vanity.

With proper organisation and planning, giving your petite bathroom a nice facelift is merely the challenging project you thought it would be, after all, right?

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