3 Wedding Details You Shouldn’t Leave Until The Last Minute

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Planning a wedding is a daunting task and it feels like you’ve got an endless list of things to do before the big day. It’s the most important day of your life so you need to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect. Most of your time will be spent picking the venue, choosing a caterer and sorting out the guest list, but it’s the small details that really make a wedding. In the days and weeks leading up to the big day, you’re going to be full of nerves and you don’t want to be rushing around all over the place trying to pull together those last little bits, so you’ve got to make sure that you sort out all of that stuff early on. These are some of the smaller wedding details that people always leave too late.

Place Cards

Picking a guest list for your wedding is one of the hardest parts. It would be great if you could invite everybody but the more people you have, the more expensive it’s going to be, so you need to cut it down as much as possible. But a lot of people forget about how they’re going to deal with the guests on the day. Everybody needs to know where they’re going to sit so you’ll need place cards on all of the tables and a seating plan in place. You want the tables to look great and you don’t want to ruin it with some last minute place cards that you’ve printed out yourself. When you’re looking at wedding invitations and deciding on the paper and font for those, you should start thinking about the place cards as well. That way, you can make sure that they fit with the theme of the wedding and the tables all look great.


A lot of people underestimate how hard it is to pick a wedding photographer so they leave it too late. There are a lot of different styles of wedding photography out there and you need to find a photographer that suits you. Ideally, you’ll want to discuss how they plan to take the photos on the day, what the pricing is going to be, and ask whether you can see some of their previous work. That all takes time, so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Kids Entertainment

Some people choose to not invite kids to the wedding which is fine, but if you are going to have kids there, you need to think about how you’re going to keep them entertained. Your guests want to be able to relax and have a good time and kids get bored easily. It’s best to set up a specific play area for the kids with some games and things to keep them entertained, otherwise, they’re likely to cause trouble. If you need a specific area for the kids, you’ll need to consider that when you’re picking a venue so you need to start thinking about it early.

If you forget these details when you first start planning the wedding, you’ll be rushing to get everything sorted in those last few days.

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