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Red Candy Mingle Table Lamp – Grey Review

Reviewed by David Savage

I work from home most of the time and have a small home office. I don’t really like having the overhead room light on and prefer smaller desk lamps. I also like things that are quirky and stand out a bit. So I was delighted to receive the Mingle Table Lamp in Grey (other colours are available) from Red Candy’s table lamps range.

The Mingle Table Lamp is a super chic Scandinavian desk light designed by Leitmotiv and really does look great with its industrial styling, made of metal rather than plastic. The head of the lamp, a matt grey housing with a copper bulb fitting and head housing support, stands on a tripod and really does look sophisticated and stylish on my desk in my home office (or even in the lounge where my girlfriend has decided to relocate it as she liked it so much, and I have to admit that it does suit the room). It measures approx. 54×16.5cm, so doesn’t take up much room but is tall enough to stand out and illuminate the room.

When I received the lamp, very securely packaged, it did need some assembly (no tools required). There are instructions included on how to do this, but it is very straightforward. The legs come in six parts and screw together before screwing in place on the base of the lamp. With the copper bulb fitting you unscrew a plastic piece, insert the fitting and then screw the plastic piece back on to hold the fitting in place. Then the cable attaches to one leg using a plastic clip (this part you do need to pay attention to the instructions for as it slides up the leg, you DO NOT try to clip on to the leg as I found soon found out and broke it). Once assembled, a E27 bulb needs screwing in (not supplied) and switching on.

It can take a max 40w bulb, but we found this very bright so have opted for a lower one and warm white.

You can angle the lamp up and down by easily turning the butterfly bolts (wing nuts) on either side and adjusting to your required position.

Overall, I love the Mingle Table Lamp. It feels good quality and has a great look that will add elegance to a home office or lounge (or any room you require). It makes an excellent reading lamp.

The only change that I would make to the lamp would be having the legs adjustable – they are set in a fixed position and while it isn’t a big problem, for the perfectionists out there being able to the turn the legs around (not in and out) so that the head lines up better and the lamp sits on the desk better would be ideal.

So, if you are looking to spruce up the look of your home office or lounge, the Mingle Table Lamp would be a great addition. At the current selling price of £29 I think it is a bargain. It is even available in a floor lamp version. 

Just a word of warning; if you are buying it for your home office, get it in place and in use before your partner thinks it would look better in another room and steals it!

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £45 (currently selling for £29 – correct as of 7 May 2019)

For more information or to buy visit www.redcandy.co.uk.

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