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3 in 1 Simba Duvet Review


Reviewed by M Wright

Simba 3 in 1 duvet

I love my sleep (ask anyone who knows me), I love my bed and I love my Simba mattress. It’s my favourite thing – it moulds to me perfectly and makes for the cosiest nights sleep.

So when I was asked to review the Simba 3 in 1 duvet I was really excited – a perfect set!

The 3 in 1 is basically 2 duvets in one. A 3.5 tog duvet for those super hot summer nights and a 7 tog for when the weather starts turning in the Autumn months. Press stud them together and you’re all set with a 10.5 duvet for those snuggly Winter nights.

Sounds like heaven, right?

So right!

The duvet arrived mid an unexpected heatwave in September – on a day when ordinarily you would sleep on top of your covers with the windows open – but I was too excited to wait for a cooler evening to review it!

The duvet comes in a really handy grey handled fabric bag – perfect for storing away any part of the duvet that you don’t need to use right now. The bag itself was really well made and strong. It’s made from recycled material even the zip is too!

As it was so warm we used the lighter of the togs and it was just perfect. It draped over us to feel comforting but not too stuffy or restricting. One of the features of the product is that it self regulates body heat – so none of that tossing and turning from being too hot, something we needed on a night like this!

The material feels like crisp white cotton but inside the duvet is a layer made of Simba Renew clusters that dissipate heat which is just amazing and on top of that it’s hypoallergenic.

The heatwave came to an abrupt end and fortunately for our review the weather turned the following day to one of those typical September torrential rainy days – so off I popped to switch to the heavier of the two weights. I had the best nights sleep!!! The duvet was heavy enough to mould around you and kept my body temperature just right all night – something I had previously struggled with. It was just perfect – and to make it even better, the duvet has that crunchy sound like the ones you find in expensive hotels!

I’m in love with it!

When it’s time for snow and there’s no place better than under your duvet, we will simply press stud the two duvets together and hey presto we have the heavier weight.

So let’s look at the product features:


3 duvet options depending on the season

Handy eco friendly storage bag

Duvets are machine washable (big plus)

Regulate temperature

Crunchy hotel sound (just love)

Available in all standard bedding sizes: single, double and king (I reviewed the kind size on a double bed – I like a lot of duvet)!

Safe to say I am a big fan and would recommend this duvet to anyone who needs to know, whether you have a Simba mattress or not.

Rating: 5/5 – more if I could!

Available from www.Simba.co.uk and all leading retailers

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