11th Hour by James Patterson Review

Reviewed by David Savage

This is the 11th novel in the highly successful Women’s Murder Club series. The Women’s Murder Club consists of 4 members: Lindsay Boxer – Homicide Detective, Yuki Castellano – Assistant District Attorney, Cindy Thomas – Investigative Crime Reporter and Claire Washburn – Chief Medical Examiner. They are all friends and solve crime together in San Francisco.

This book gets off to a gripping, fast paced start with the murder of a drug dealer and the discovery of 2 severed heads in a movie star’s garden.

Homicide Detective Lindsay Boxer is tasked with finding Revenge, who is killing drug dealers with guns stolen from the San Francisco Police Department evidence locker. At the same time she has to investigate the discovery of 2 severed heads found in a movie star’s garden. The movie star has already been tried once for the murder of his wife. Is he responsible for this latest discovery?

Lindsay, the main character, is pregnant and has problems at home but this doesn’t stop her putting in the long hours to solve these 2 cases. With the help of the other 3 members of the Women’s Murder Club they set out to solve the severed heads crime with she tries to find Revenge. Matters are complicated by a malicious reporter distorting facts of the cases and personally attacking her in print. With Yuki dating her boss and Cindy, as always, trying to get the story she is under a lot of stress.

11th Hour is a great entertaining novel. With its short, fast and exciting chapters you will be kept interested and intrigued right up until the unpredictable ending. The story has 393 pages with 119 chapters. It is well written, entertaining and very absorbing.

I would recommend book to existing fans of James Patterson and to lovers of crime thrillers.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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