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Zuru Robo Alive Ice Blasting Dragon Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

My twins are dinosaur mad and that means we have a huge collection of dinosaurs in various sizes in our home. So when there was a knock at the door delivering a new parcel, nothing created as much excitement as the unboxing the Zuru Robo Alive Ice Blasting Dragon (also available as a Fire Breathing Dragon).  

The toy arrived quickly, which is a good thing as I was very excited about reviewing it. Yes, I am a 45-year-old big kid.

I was glad to see that the box was not huge in comparison to the dinosaur, as can sometimes happen when companies box their products in a lot of excess packaging. We unpacked the Ice Blasting Dragon and because we couldn’t wait to try it out, I inserted 3x AAA batteries (these are not included). These batteries are required to produce the dragon’s lights and sounds.  

The toy itself is clearly manufactured from top quality materials. This was a relief as it has to stand up to some very robust play from my twins. I love the blue colour, it is gorgeous and they could not have picked a more perfect colour for the product as it looks like it just stepped out of the Arctic. I think that it is the perfect size for little hands to grip too. I loved watching the dinosaur roam around the room giving the appearance of blasting ice out of its mouth, the lights and sound effects are amazing.  

We do not have any pets at home and I have to say this dinosaur is the perfect pretend robotic pet. It has been played with for hours. We have had it roaming around our house seeking out other dinosaurs to interact with and have have had great fun creating a habitat for it to live in. We like it so much that I am considering buying another toy from the Zobo Alive range so that our Ice Blasting Dragon has a friend to interact with. The head motions and walking action are fantastic because they are so realistic. The roaring sound and ice blasting LED effects are phenomenal (and LED in the dragon’s mouth creates the ice breathing effect). I also love the fact the dragon’s eyes reflect the light. It even bites!

I am a massive fan of role-play style toys as I think they can really bring out the creativeness in a child, encourage them to talk about their feelings and generally interact socially. The lovely thing about this toy is that whilst it is the perfect size for play, it’s not too big to store away and doesn’t take up lots of the limited storage space in my home. 

The dragon has been on so many adventures around our home. It particularly enjoys sitting on top of my twins dolls house and roaring at the dolls who live there (I’m not sure that the doll family like it though!). There has been so much laughter in our home because of this toy, which is always a good thing in my view. My boys love pretending to feed it, which is lovely as it encourages nurturing skills.

This toy was a huge hit in our house which is why I would recommend it as a Christmas gift idea. It’s so well priced that you could even buy two.  

With an RRP of £19.99, this is an amazing price considering what you get. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from

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