Zazzle Create Your Own Wood Canvas Review


Reviewed by Jenny Bennett

I was really intrigued to get the chance to review a wood canvas from Zazzle. I couldn’t quite picture (please note the pun!) what it would look like or how it would arrive.

The whole process of ordering is pretty good fun – you start off by choosing you picture size, what picture you want to use, what size you want and what background colour you want it to be. This gives you the chance to test different pictures and check different effects before making your final choice.

I chose a natural wood background and a photo with a filter on as I wanted quite a vintage look to the picture. The photo you choose is then printed directly onto a plywood background which gives the final image the impression of being more like a painting than a print.

The end result is really unusual effect. The picture we chose was from a sunny day at the top of a hill and our daughter running around on that hill – the effect of printing on wood has made for a really lovely and unusual picture. It’ll certainly stand out from the other more ‘normal’ photos we have around the house and I love the effect. We have it up in our house and it never fails to draw attention as it is such a beautiful and unusual picture.


Putting it up is really easy as well as it can be mounted using the provided stand in matching wood or using the wall mounting instructions and materials that are also provided in the packaging.

The product is very well packaged and our picture arrived in excellent condition in protective box with fast delivery.

The environmentally minded of you will be pleased to know that the company that makes the pictures – WoodSnap – use sustainable manufacturing and plant a tree for every WoodSnap print created.

I was very pleased with our picture – it’s very easy to get your photos printed on anything from mugs to t-shirts and phone cases now but the picture we have from Zazzle really is something interesting and unusual. I was impressed with how easy it was to design the picture and how the website is intuitive enough to let you know if your photo isn’t a clear enough image to use.

I was interested to know about the sustainable practices and the company that makes them is forward thinking enough to plant trees. I was delighted with how fast the delivery from Zazzle was and I was hugely impressed with the final product.

I wouldn’t hesitate to get another print from Zazzle or use the website again. It’s easy to navigate and creating your own image like this is good fun. The service, the product, the delivery and packaging are all exceptional.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £29.95 (8×8″) to £201 (36×24″)

Available to buy from Zazzle here.


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