Yutaka Yuzu Citrus Seasoning Review

YuzuCitrusSeasonongYuzu Citrus Seasoning

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

The Yuzu Citrus Seasoning arrived just in time for the good weather so we planned a BBQ, brought some chicken breasts and marinated them in the Yuzu seasoning. There is not really any information on the bottle, just a couple of recipes and so I checked online for instructions. There are still no basic cooking instructions, but a few more recipes, so I just marinated the chicken for about half an hour with the amount I thought right.

The chicken came out really tasty, lovely and moist with a strong but not overpowering lemon taste. A couple of days later I tried the citrus mayonnaise recipe from the website, substituting sherry for sake, and it was great in a wrap with chicken and salad. The third item we tried was the Yuzu cocktail. I missed out the sake but with Vodka, tonic, fresh lemon and ice it was the perfect summer evening’s drink.

A few instructions on the bottle would have been nice and a few more recipes on the website, but I can’t fault this product for taste and versatility. It can be used with chicken, fish, salads, puddings, drinks, anywhere really where a citrus taste is required. You don’t need that much for each recipe and it keeps in the fridge for 4 weeks after being opened so its good value for money.

Recommended for the summer evenings and beyond.

Rating: 4.5/5

For more information and recipes click here.

Available to buy from Sainsbury’s.

4 half Star

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