Yogalings Kids’ Leggings Review

Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

I received a pair of Yoglings kids’ leggings from and if I’m honest, I was a teeny bit jealous that they were for my 4-year-old daughter and not for me! The name Yogaling just fills my heart with joy at the thought of my children enjoying yoga which, I’m happy to report both they and I do. The leggings I received had the most vibrant, colourful and cute llama design on a bright pink background. My daughters’ eyes lit up when she saw them. Other equally wonderful patterns are available from unicorns to peacocks to cupcake designs, it’s hard to choose just one pair! I know she would have been happy with any of them but the designs aren’t all super girly some are more subtle, there is definitely something for everyone.

At first sight I thought the size 4/5 leggings looked a little long on the leg and a little small on the waist, but I was wrong. They fit my daughter beautifully; with a wide waistband for extra comfort, meaning that they stayed in place no matter the activity which is also great for nappy-wearing little ones. My children always struggle to wear a lot of common trouser designs as they have such small waists but this isn’t an issue with the Yogaling leggings. The material is lovely and thick but being 100% cotton means they also kept my daughter cool in the warm weather. In addition, if you have a child with sensitive skin and conditions such as eczema then this material is very skin friendly. Most importantly for any active Yogaling, there was no unsightly stretching rendering the material see-through when bending and playing.

At the end of a rather active day’s wear my daughter reported that she loved her leggings and that they were very comfy and the llamas were her favourite bit! So it’s definitely a thumbs up from her. From her mum? Well I would have to agree that the bright colours, which I love, are just perfect for little ones, they also mean I can spot her easily when out and about and after a wash they still look as good as new, both in colour and shape. The advice is to wash at 30 degrees, so also kinder to the environment as well as being a quality product.

The sizes range from 0-3 months to 4-5 years, these would have been a godsend when mine were babies, as I can see how durable and secure they are for crawlers and new walkers alike. At £11 per pair they are brilliant value for money, I actually expected them to be priced higher. There’s a fantastic range to choose from, all attractive designs that would appeal to any Yogaling. I am just secretly hoping that they bring out an adult range – matching mummy pairs would be amazing!

I can’t recommend these leggings highly enough for a great value product that actually delivers what it promises to do and is fun and attractive as well. Yogalings its a 5/5 from me!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £11

Available to buy from

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