Pets Bespoke Doggy Bandana Review

Shih Tzu Peeking Bandana

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Since my Shih Tzu puppy came into my life in December 2019 my bank balance has not been as healthy as it should as I just cannot resist treating Luna to snazzy coats and jumpers, a decent harness and of course bandanas. Luna has a few bandanas in her collection from gel-filled cooling bandanas to celebration ones. So I was delighted to receive a personalised doggy bandana from

Being a dog owner, I do a lot of research into what’s right for my dog. Luna being a flat-faced breed can suffer a lot during the summer months with the heat and I have found that bandanas are a great way to keep her cool whilst also looking very much a doggy diva. Yes, I enjoy dressing Luna up for events and she seems to enjoy the fuss and attention she receives too.

During the colder months, I insist on Luna wearing a fleece jumper or waterproof jacket as she gets cold very quickly. Some people may think it is silly dressing your dog up but as long as Luna doesn’t mind it then I will continue to do so.

Luna turned 1 on 17/10/2019 and was, of course, spoilt rotten. Her health took a big knock in the summer and to cut a long story short we didn’t expect Luna to survive. Thankfully that horrible time has passed and Luna is back to her bouncy pup like self so we spoiled her.

Our postman rang the bell with the bandana packaged up safely and Luna, of course, ran to the door her ‘ belly tickles’, she is a big fan of our postie and he seems quite keen on her too.

Belly tickles over and we went inside to open up the parcel. With it being Luna’s birthday I let her ‘help’ open the parcel. This provided a lot of amusement to my husband who was watching Luna run around with the parcel in her mouth.

Parcel safely retrieved, I finished opening it and was met with a fabulous quality small dog bandana. This bandana feels well-made and the design was perfect for Luna. Her bespoke bandana is pale blue and has her name printed onto the front in black text, below her name was a Shih Tzu character peeking from the bottom of the bandana. 

The bandana we received was small and perfect for Luna who at 1 is now fully grown. It’s great to know that Luna will never outgrow this beautiful garment and she will wear it with pride.

The bandanas are handcrafted in the UK which to me is a massive plus as I like to see UK businesses doing well and the sizing is as follows…

  • Small, which measures 45 x 23cm
  • Medium, which measures 65 x 30cm
  • Large, which measures 82 x 40cm

Obviously with all bespoke items these measurements may vary slightly.

The bandana itself is a lovely durable material which fitted Luna extremely well and she was comfortable wearing it.

During the summer months, I wet Luna’s bandanas before placing them on her and I feel this bandana would hold the liquid well, keeping Luna cool and on-trend during her walks.

I have found a new favourite website for my little fluffball and will be buying a lot of her Christmas gifts from

Receiving this bandana led to visit to see what other items are available to purchase and I was blown away with the amount of bespoke items available. Bandanas, Beds & Blankets, Bowls, Cards & Wrap, Gifts, Toys, Treats & Treat Tins to name a few items!

Luna and I are over the moon with her new bandana and cannot wait to purchase more items.

The bandana Luna received costs £6.99 which is incredible considering the quality of this bespoke item.

If like me, you like to pamper and spoil your four-legged friend then take a look at and treat your furry friend this Christmas.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £6.99

For more information or to buy visit

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