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Yankee Candle Awaken Large Jar Review

Scent of the Year 2020

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Yankee Candle was founded in 1969 by a 16-year-old named Mike Kittredge who was looking for gift inspiration just before the festive season and so Yankee Candle was born.

Yankee Candle has always been a real favourite of mine and I own many of their deliciously scented candles.

The huge array of candles on offer from Yankee Candle is magnificent and there really is a candle for everyone. My personal favourite is the Salted Caramel candle.

I am a huge Yankee Candle fan so this review was ideal for me. Over the years I have amassed quite a collection of Yankee Candle candles and I cherish them! I always feel a little disappointment when the candle eventually burns out. 

I tend to opt for the large jars as they last a long time and the aroma lasts for hours post burn.

Many brands have attempted to recreate their own ‘Yankee Candle’ but none come close to the original brand.

I was absolutely delighted to be sent a large jar candle named ‘Awaken’ (The 2020 Scent of the Year) by Yankee Candle and it didn’t disappoint in the slightest! 

I usually stick to sweet, foodie aromas when choosing and buying candles so it was nice to try something I wouldn’t usually opt for. It really has opened up a new love of floral scents, a love I didn’t know existed as I usually detest anything floral.

The jar the candle is housed in is the same size as a typical large jar candle from Yankee Candle but instead of being a clear glass the glass has a cut glass texture and the label is a lot smaller than the usual rectangular label associated with Yankee Candle.

The Awaken label is round and is blue and white. The overall appearance of the Awaken candle is very high-end and classy. It’s a beautiful looking candle and one I will treasure. 

I like to keep my jars once the candles have finished and I will be making no exception with this stunning jar. 

Upon opening the jar, I was met with the most beautiful floral scent which were made up of the following clean and crisp:

  • Top notes of Sheer Peony and Crystal Freesia.
  • Mid Notes of Clary Sage Essential Oil, Orcanox and Driftwood.
  • Base Notes of White Amber, Patchouli and Mineral Musk.

Although there are many stunning aromas in this candle it is not overpowering in the slightest and leaves your home smelling clean and fresh. 

The Awaken candle weighs 623g and has a burn time of over 110 hours which is a bargain for the price! 

The Awaken candle as carries a secret message to its user which is ‘open your eyes to the beauty of everyday’ which is a lovely sentiment and really goes hand in hand with the candles aroma and look.

It’s clear to see why this candle was name the ‘Scent of 2020’ as it is beautiful, refreshing and will leave you feeling great! 

If you are looking for a special gift for someone special or a gift for yourself then look no further. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £25.99

For more information or to buy, visit

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