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WOW Toys Fairies Reward Chart Review

WOWFairiesReward1Fairies Reward Chart

Reviewed by Melody Floyde

I was very pleased to be asked to review the WOW Toys Reward Chart as, having already got some WOW toys, I know that they are good quality, British designed toys, that are bright and colourful for young children to play with. So the idea of some of these toys in a reward chart was particularly appealing as we always struggle to encourage my four year old son to do tasks that he isn’t keen on, and he loves his toys so it seemed like a great idea. We have tried using sticker reward charts in the past but they have never held his interest for long.

The idea of the chart is that pre-school children can earn rewards by moving a magnetic star tracker along a chain of 10 stars, and getting a toy when they achieve 1, 5 and 10 stars. Children gain a star each time they complete a task and the chart can be used to set goals and encourage positive behaviour in children.

The Reward Chart is a very brightly coloured A4 sized cardboard box (rather like a deep advent calendar), which opens like a book. Inside the front cover there are spaces for the child to write their name and to stick a photo, which helps to make the chart personal to them. There are also pictures of the toys that are inside the chart so the child knows what to expect.


In our case we were sent the Fairies chart to review so the toys were a Daisy the Fairy figure (for 1 star), a Sparkle the Unicorn figure (for 5 stars) and finally Lily the Ladybird for when the child completes the chart and gets to star number 10. The unicorn and fairy are small solid toys, like the figures from the usual WOW Toys sets, and the Ladybird is a slightly larger toy with wheels that the fairy can sit in and be pushed around. All together they make a lovely set for the child to play with. The chart is also available in Dinos and Racers themes.


The star tracker, which the child moves along the track, is a fairly large, blue plastic star magnet which feels very solid and will also be ideal to use as a fridge magnet when the chart is finished with.

The chart can be either stood up on a shelf or there is also a hanging cord to enable the chart to be hung up on a wall. We opted to stand ours on the mantelpiece for easy access.

The outside of the chart is also very brightly coloured and appealing, and gives full details of how to use the chart and ideas for tasks that could be set for a child.

My son’s reaction to the chart was pretty much as expected, as soon as he laid eyes on it he was very excited to open it and find out what was inside. The chart is very enticing as the windows that contain the toys get bigger in size the more tasks they complete. Windows 1 and 2 are fairly small but the 3rd window is much bigger so my son was very keen to complete enough tasks to open all the toys. I have never seen him so keen to put on his new school shoes or to tidy away his toys each day!

The only negative we found with the chart is that sometimes, if the star tracker is not placed in exactly the right place over a star, it can slip away from the star it is marking. But this really was such a tiny negative it would not put me off buying this product at all.

The tag line for WOW Toys is ‘Toys that don’t break their promises’ and I can definitely say that this Reward Chart more than lives up to my expectations.


Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £12.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

WOW’s exciting range of award winning toys, are designed exclusively for the under-fives. With exciting functions and features built into them, they don’t require batteries to work so the fun never ends!  Easily wiped clean, they are extremely durable and exceed   toy safety regulations. Should you wish to browse through their website visit

4 half Star

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