Wondrous Woods At Hopetoun House Review


Reviewed by Lynsey Miller

My family and I attended the Wondrous Woods 2km Lightshow trail through Hopetoun House Estate last night. Which is located just outside Edinburgh in West Lothian. The event is running on Thursday to Sunday evenings from the 21 October to 14 November. Prices start at £9 + booking fee for kids, £19 + booking fee for adults and family tickets £52 + booking fees.

At first, we thought we were lost tying to find it as signage is fairly limited. But we hesitantly kept driving deeper into the dark woods and sure enough we got there. So, my advice is just keep driving and you’ll eventually drive straight to it.

On arrival we were directed into a space where we parked up and got all wrapped up in our multiple layers ready to begin our adventure into the woods.

From there we began our walk. We had come very prepared in our wellies however most of the trail had a temporary path so a pair of comfy shoes would have been adequate. I also had my 18 month old son and was in two minds whether to take the buggy but was glad I did as there was no problem pushing it along the trail.

The trail was lit up but consisted of small clusters of different light displays. Some more imaginative than others. My daughter’s favourites being the water Woody Owl and the portaloos. There were a couple of different displays but most where what you would expect if you have attended other light shows. That said there is always I think the element of wow when you are in among all those lit up trees, fairy lights and music.

From arriving to returning back to our car was about 90 minutes. Of that I would say walking the trail itself was probably a little more 60 minutes although it seemed to go in much quicker as it was an easy walk. It was a very relaxed atmosphere, I didn’t at any point feel rushed especially at points where my son wanted to walk himself and was causing a bit of a traffic jam – folk simply walked pass. So, I would say it was suitable for all ages and abilities.

We also stopped for toasted marshmallows and hot chocolates at the food village. Where there was a handful of stalls selling hot food and drinks, sweet treats and toys for kids. The toasted marshmallow stall, I thought was a really good idea.

We had a lovely evening wandering around these magical woods taking in all the lights. I would recommend the event to family and friends, young and old. All you needs is cosy clothes, comfy shoes and little imagination. An enchanted 4 stars out of 5.

Rating: 4/5

Price: Prices start at £9 + booking fee for kids, £19 + booking fee for adults and family tickets £52 + booking fees

For more information and to book please visit the Wondrous Woods website here.

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