Womens Snowflake Bootie Slippers Review

Women's Snowflake Bootie Slippers

Shoe Zone

Reviewed by Dorothy White

My slipper boots had an attractive burgundy, white and grey snowflake design with a burgundy bow at the back and were made of a very soft, fleecy material.  They were lined with the same soft fleecy material in burgundy.  They had a flexible sole which looked to be made of rubber.

My slipper boots, which were size S, were very comfortable to wear and kept my feet warm & cosy. 

I felt secure wearing them whilst walking around the house and going up and downstairs in them.

To sum up these slipper boots have an attractive appearance, are made of a soft fleecy material and are very comfortable and cosy to wear.

Slipper boots are the way to go if you want to keep your feet warm and cosy this winter!

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