Wireless TV Sender


Want to watch satellite TV in one room but your set-top box is in another?  How about a late night DVD in bed?

The new Wireless TV Sender from One For All distributes audio and video signals around the home, so you can pick them up on a different TV set in another room – without the need for messy cabling or the purchase of a second receiver.  The infra-red ‘return path’ also means the original or a secondary remote control will work in the other room so you can pause, rewind and record as normal – without going near the main TV.

‘Zero interference’ 5.8Ghz technology ensures you receive a clear picture with excellent sound quality.  Most analogue and digital devices such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Baby Monitors and DECT phones use the densely populated 2.4Ghz frequency so are potential interference sources.  However, 5.8Ghz is a less-used frequency, meaning that the same comparable RF technology can be used without the heavy interference suffered by devices using 2.4Ghz.  Even if you’re already using a 5.8Ghz device such as a broadband router, there are four separate channels to choose for optimum reception.

The sleek Wireless TV Sender (SV1730) has a range of up to 100 metres*, transmitting sound and images through walls and ceilings to TVs, monitors and hifi systems.  It allows you to watch satellite/cable on a portable TV in the garden or even down the shed!  It works with all Satellite, Cable and Freeview set-top boxes as well as DVD players, Blu-ray, Games Consoles, PVRs and camcorders.  Quad patch technology ensures high performance from the antenna, which rotates through 180 degrees giving you the best angle of reception.

The plug and play design gets you set up straight away, so you can quickly share your subscription TV channels and recordings with your second TV set.

The pack contains the transmitter and receiver units, an infra-red ‘eye’, two power adaptors and two RCA to SCART cables.  There’s also a S-Video connection so if, for example, your DVD player only has one SCART socket you don’t have to unplug it from the main TV in order to plug the Wireless Sender in.

Priced £59.99 (RRP), the One For All Wireless TV Sender SV1730 is available now from Currys, PC World, Sainsbury, Tesco and ASDA as well as

* Range is 100 metres ‘line of sight’.  Range may reduce through walls and ceilings.

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