Winning The Fight Against Diabetes by Charles J Masison Review


Reviewed by Delphi Ellis

This self-published, self-help book is simple in design but powerful in its intention.  The author speaks from first hand experience about the complexities of being diagnosed with Diabetes and how he cured himself of it.  He carefully articulates how he set upon a journey of discovery to learn its underlying cause and find a cure, rather than settle for treatment of his symptoms.

The book is split into several sections which aim to consider significant contributory factors for the illness and how to combat them.  This ultimately seems to focus around diet.

The diagrams are basic and the chapter numbers themselves aren’t easily defined, as each section appears to run into the next.  For those who live in the UK it is also important to note that the author is from the US and so the “count” (which he describes as “the number”) to check your sugars is measured differently.

Other than this, the book is generally easy to read.  The author writes as if he’s speaking directly to you, as he tells you his story.  He uses good analogy (including military metaphor) when explaining a specific process or problem and how to tackle it.

Overall, he challenges the belief that Diabetes can’t be cured and offers a posit that it just needed to be understood.  For anyone battling this illness and wanting to beat it, in consultation with their doctor, its got to be worth a read.

Rating: 4.5/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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