Why is horse riding the perfect leisure sport?

Horse riding is not a new sport but one that has been in vogue since 6500 BC; this only goes on to show you that the relationship between humans and horses is indeed a special one. If you are planning on enrolling in a horse riding school, then you should know that it is a perfect leisure sport. It provides you with several key benefits, which are all the more reason for you to get the gear from the local equestrian shops and enroll in a professional riding school, right away.

  • The perfect exercise: When you think about horse riding, you are bound to think of it as a sedentary sport, one where you get to remain seated on top of the horse as it gallops around the field. Well, you would be surprised to learn that horse riding can actually help you keep fit. It exercises various muscles in your body, from your hamstring muscles to the other muscles that you must squeeze and strain the whole time you remain seated on a horse. It is vital that you remain in an upright position and as the horse moves, you get to exercise those muscles more in order to remain seated on top and not fall down.
  • Leisure: Horse riding is a perfect leisure sport as it invigorates your body, gives your health a boost and in the process, helps you remain fit. You can go in for a gentle canter and even that would do wonders to your body. But what makes horse riding the perfect leisure sport is that you can take it as slow as you need, a gentle prancing as opposed to a full-on And moreover, with slow prance around the park, you are still bound to get a workout.
  • Balance and stability: Horse riding can help you improve your stability and balance and this can come in handy as far as other activities are concerned. For example, you may want to water ski or even surf; both of these activities require you to balance perfectly on thin pieces of wood/plastic. But thanks to regular horse riding, your balance and stability should improve drastically and soon, you would no longer have to worry about falling down those skis.
  • Coordination: Horse riding makes you more flexible; this is more noticeable as your horse canters around with you sitting on top, hanging on to those reins. And in the process of learning to control the horse, you will have to learn how to squeeze with your legs, exercise greater control with the rein and even adjust your body position for the same. The interesting part is that you would be required to do all three at once to make the horse go where you need it to go. And this gradually improves greater coordination between your various body parts.
  • Improved muscle tone: The other thing that you can look forward to is an improved muscle tone as a result of frequent riding. Horse riding exercises your glutes, hamstrings as well as your thighs among other muscles. Granted that you are going to feel a little sore after the first day’s class but that discomfort should pass away in a day or two.

These are some of the reasons as to why horse riding is considered the perfect leisure sport as there is no passive sitting on a horse. If you want to control the horse, you need to engage your muscles and you will get a thorough workout in the process. You can ride the horse as fast as you want to or go in for a gentle canter but your body still gets the requisite workout and you get to burn off those unwanted calories. That’s why you need to head over to the nearby equestrian shops to get the requisite gear and start riding today.

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