Who’d Be A Landlord by Dave Hall Review


Reviewed by Sandra McGhee

I was recently sent Who’d Be A Landlord by Dave Hall to review. I had to wait a few days before I had a chance to read this as to my amazement my 13 year old son spotted the book and took an interest and started to read and I didn’t stop him as thought he might pick up some knowledge. He actually covered a good few chapters in a short space of time and was instantly intrigued in property as he started asking me questions about where we live and how long we had lived at our current address and our purchase price etc…

On first glance of seeing the above book I was pleasantly surprised at the contents, considering the cover looked pretty boring but more than adequate to illustrate what the book was about displaying a photo of modern terrace houses and a summary on the back cover describing what the book was about and the author.

In total there were 15 short chapters which were all quite brief and very easy to read and understand. The first chapter was quite interesting where the author gives a brief biography on his early life etc… and how he met his wife and how he spent his working life and experience in the property market. Each chapter was very easy to follow and I liked the fact it wasn’t too technical, it was all quite easy reading and straightforward. There were lots of different examples given on property management, letting agents and various real life stories on his experience over the years as a landlord and different tenants. I must admit it was all quite intriguing once you started to get into each chapter. The last chapter tells you about his experience with the Inland Revenue and you actually start to feel sorry for some of the issues arisen but relieved that there’s a happy solution and conclusion to an investigation.

In summary on reading this book in my total honest opinion it is a real eye opener into all the obstacles you can come across that I would never have even thought about. This book is a good first step giving lots of useful website addresses at the back for anyone looking to becoming a landlord. If nothing else I think it has actually put me off becoming a landlord because it really does cover all the things that could come up and actually makes me admire what becoming a landlord is about, it’s not just about taking rent, it can be very stressful experience. All in all a good handbook for anyone who is considering to be a landlord and good reference guide attached to back of the book. I certainly feel I have gained a lot more knowledge on the basics if I was to consider this as a profession with some very good pointers.

Rating: 4/5

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