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Whisky Club Review


Reviewed by Debbie Bews

When I was given the wonderful opportunity to review the Whisky Club box from Smith & Sinclair I was really quite pleased. My husband is an avid whisky drinker, he enjoys a single malt and before he buys a new bottle he researches and takes a lot of time to choose one. Most of his gifts from me and the kids have been bottles of whisky as we know how much he loves them so it was so nice that for Father’s Day we could give him a gift that links so much to the ones thing he loves but in a very different way.

When the box arrived in the post it was very well packaged. When I opened it up the packaging the box that the product came in was a beautiful bottle green colour with lavish gold lettering. It looked and felt expensive and of excellent quality. Not only was there the box of whisky gummies but a pair of socks as well, they are bottle green and have the word cheers printed on them. The socks are perfect as they are a nice dark colour so can be worn to work as well as worn for leisure.

The box makes it very clear that you should eat these whisky gummies responsibly and that if you eat 4 you will be over the legal limit to drive; each gummy is 5% alcohol. This is really important to bear in mind.
The box states that these gummies are mixed like a drink, a delicious blend of fruit, herbs, premium spirits and syrups. Each gummy is garnished with infused sugars and individually wrapped. The gummies in the box came in 4 varieties, Bourbon Old Fashioned, Whisky and Ginger, Manhattan and Whisky Sour. I love that only natural colouring is used in this product. This product is also vegan friendly which is really great as usually gummy products are not.

I gave this gift to my husband early as Father’s Day is obviously a Sunday and I wanted him to enjoy them without having to go to work the next day!
My husband said “There are a really nice selection of flavours, I enjoy drinking whisky but don’t usually drink these cocktail options. When I tasted the gummies initially, they tasted like usual gummies with a nice flavour but after you have the warming feeling in the back of the throat and the alcohol flavour, it was just like having a sip of whisky. I would advise not eating these when drinking as it is easy to forget the alcohol content of these gummies.”

They were a huge success and he enjoyed them very much. We will be purchasing some for my father in law as he is also a whisky drinker.
Smith & Sinclair do a range of different boxes not just whisky based. You can pick from many of your favourite cocktails, they are a great drink or fantastic to lay out at the start of a party.


RRP: £15.00

This product can be purchased from Smith & Sinclair here.

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