What A Performance Review


What A Performance
Orchard Toys

Reviewed by Louise Howton

The Packaging
Nice designed packaging, brightly coloured and interesting. Good quality sturdy box and easy to open.

The Product
Aimed at 5 years old to adult this game is perfect for all the family as you can play individually or in teams. As you go around the board, if you land on an activity square you have to perform the activity from the card. The activity could be Who Am I where you silently act out the person (e.g. Fireman) or Make a Noise where by humming or whistling a song the other players have to guess what it is. There is also a forfeit card which requires use of the decoder to reveal the task to be carried out.

Great for encouraging personal, social, language and communication skills. My family and I loved the game and would be great for Christmas with the family.

I would definitely recommend this game to others.

Overall a good quality product that is easy to use and understand, but more importantly lots of great family fun.

Rating: 5/5

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