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Wet And Forget Review

Reviewed by Dave Connor

Wet and Forget is a liquid product made in New Zealand which is designed to remove mould, lichen and algae from outdoor surfaces such as tiles, paving, brick and cladding.  There are some surfaces such as powder coated aluminium where you need to be particularly careful, and you will need to thoroughly rinse down children’s play equipment before it is used again. You also need to take care around plants, fish ponds etc and keep pets off the treated surface until it has dried.  Although the label states that it is non-caustic, has no bleach and is non-aggressive, it does recommend the wearing of eye protection and rubber gloves when using it.

According to the label once treated the surface will not require any pressure washing, scrubbing or rinsing.  However, with badly contaminated wooden decks you will need to use a broom one month after treatment.

To use, you need to dilute 1 part solution to 5 parts water.  The front label on the container says ‘apply with a normal garden sprayer’ but it does not say whether a watering can be used as an alternative nor how fine or coarse a spray pattern you need to use on the spray.  Ensuring the surface is completely  dry (if it is wet it reduces the effectiveness) you then spray until you have made it thoroughly wet;  it is apparently best applied in overcast conditions and should not be used if rain is expected in the next 4-5 hours.  It is recommended that you  apply a second treatment in 1-2 months if the problem is persistent.

The whole concept of Wet and Forget is that, once treated, the sun, rain and wind is supposed to  ‘slowly wash the contaminants away from the treated surface’ without any further hard work.

I carefully followed the instructions and the coverage I obtained seemed to be in line with the 120m2 advertised on the label.  Then I let it dry as instructed.  According to the instructions I now need to ‘be patient’ as ‘good things take time’ and it can take up to 6-12 months to work in the worst-case scenario of heavily contaminated surfaces.  It is only 2 weeks since I used it, so I am not yet in a position to say how effective this product actually is.  However, it’s clear that this is not suitable where you need to clean an area immediately, only as a possible long-term solution, perhaps as a garden maintenance product – applications can be made once or twice per year.

RRP: The product can be obtained from Wet and Forget UK via their website wetandforget.co.uk.  The 2 litre bottle tested costs £21.89 but there are also 5 litres for £35.89 or 7 litres for £48.89 with free delivery.  It is also available from other outlets such as Amazon.

I cannot assess the effectiveness yet and I think most people would want something that cleans more quickly rather than waiting anything up to a year for results, so I am not sure I would purchase this to use in my garden.

Rating: I would currently give this a rating of 3/5 as I cannot judge the effectiveness at this stage.

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